Todd Zolecki takes us inside the Phillies locker room to talk about how well liked Carlos Ruiz is, his humility, and his sense of humor.  Normally, we steer away from these off-day puff pieces, but when it involes Chooch, we just can’t resist.


"This guy absolutely cares more about the team than he does about himself.  He's never happy if he does well at the plate. He's only happy if the pitchers do well."



"That's my job.  Help my pitchers. When they do real good, I'm happy. No matter what game I have offensively. If I don't get a hit I still feel very good. That's the first thing. Sometimes they come up to me and say, 'Hey, I know you didn't get a hit today, but you did good.' I'm like, 'Yeah, I'm happy. I'm happy because of you.'"


He really needs to stop using such big words.

And apparently he's also an expert impressionist.  Hop over the jump to watch his champagne sprinkler (24 second mark), then read the rest of the article at