NLCS Start Times


UPDATE: these are official now.  8 PM on Saturday for Game 1, 8 PM on Sunday for Game 2, 4 PM on Tuesday for Game 3 (thanks to Glee and the ALCS in prime time), and 8 PM for Games 4 and 5 on Wednesday and Thursday, 4 PM for Game 6 on Saturday, and 8 PM for Game 7 on Sunday.

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14 Responses

  1. Awesome. I have a wedding that day. Hopefully I won’t be too drunk by the time gametime rolls around.

  2. Now we just need the flyers to move Saturday to 3 PM and it is a 4 bagger on the weekend. Flyers, Philles, Eagles, Phillies

  3. A little surprised that the Yankees wouldn’t be a shoe-in for the prime time game, but maybe this is the one instance we can be thankful that the game is on Fox, since they probably lay down the law on TBS in this case.

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