Is There a Doctor in the House?


"I know what I gotta do"

It's not anything different than what Roy Halladay has been saying all year and to him, even though the stakes are higher, his focus remains the same — to make batters shake their heads after that swinging strike out. A perfect game and the second no-no in postseason history and somehow it feels like this man isn't satisfied. The World Series ring is what he wants and some morbidly overweight 3rd baseman with a terrible nickname isn't going to get in his way.

Some guy wearing black under his eyes at night, who no one knew about three weeks ago, will be left with that feeling you get when someone grabs your hands and hits you with it —

Roy: "why you hittin' yourself? huh? huh? why? why you hittin' yourself?"

Other Guy: "STOP IT!"

Roy: "No." :strike out:

Breaking faces is what this man loves to do and he'll do it any way that he can.

Alas, he's not the only one on this team.  He needs support from his team to get the job done.  They need to play small ball in the right situations and the long balls will come.  They need to protect the diamond and not let any balls through.  This team is known for locking it down like the season is on the line for every game — well, this time it actually is.  Losing is not an option. 

The Phillies' backs are against the wall after a total team loss last night setting them back 3-1 in the series.  It's rough to take as a fan, but the season is not over.  At times like these the fans really need to step up their game too.  None of this talk on Twitter and Facebook about it being over, about how great of a season it was, or pointing out the opportunities they missed.  I don't want to hear any "we'll get 'em next time" or "oh well, let's go eagles!"  And I swear to Snoop Dogg, if I hear an "I won't be watching because I can't handle that kind of stress" I will throw a box of thumb tacks at you (Disclaimer: said box may or may not open and tiny sharp objects may or may not fly at your face).  

Stand by your team until the final out regardless of the result. 

The series is at 3-1.  We've got a game to play tonight, boys.

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  1. 1 win n they are back to Philly with it…and the Giants know they DO NOT want to come back to Philly n have to deal with us, especially after the week we’ve just had.

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