Jonathan Sanchez is Excited to Play in the World Series

Jonathan_sanchezMan, he's dirty

Chickens, pre-hatch, counting.  Yeah, that saying.

Jonathan Sanchez is very confident:

It's going to be great to get to the World Series. Never been there. We've got a lot of guys on the team that have never been there, and to be able to do that, it's going to be something special for me.


You're not there yet, buddy.

Sanchez walks a lot of batters and we were able to get to him in Game 2.  Give. Him. Hell. Tonight.

H/T to Andrew Boyle for the heads up


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  1. what a douchebag…i hope the phillies rip him tonight and even if we don’t make the world series atleast he’ll know he isnt the reason his team is going

  2. I got a felling that we are not telling the whole story here. Dont get me wrong Im a Phills fan through and through but I just got a felling like a “What if you win” question was asked before this little three liner you posted. Dont worrie boys we dont need Jonathan Sanchez to get motivated.

  3. Even if he was asked that question Jim, his answer sounds cocky.
    He needs to use the word “if” in his response. If we get to the world series…

  4. Listen…as long as we play our game, get the bats going and Oswalt pitches his game….everything will be fine! We won’t even remember this story tomorrow! GO PHILS!

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