Admittetly, we're a little late on this news, but in case you missed it yesterday, Michael Leighton will undergo surgery for a bulging disc in his back.  He'll be out 6-8 weeks.

Our friends at NBCPhiladelphia.com have more.  The best part of that story?  44% of locals are "thrilled" about the news.  That's outstanding.

We would never wish injury upon someone, but it's quite possible that the Russian Robert (Sergei Bobrovsky, keep up folks) is a better option.  He showed quickness the other night and has impressed the coaches throughout the preseason.

Docs say they might go in through Leight's side, it is more vulnerable to penetration.

And for all of you who are going to comment, "why does this site hate Leighton?"  We don't hate Leighton, but he's not nearly as good as you think he is.  His lateral movement is well below par and he was nothing more than adequate last season, relying on good defense and his large frame.