Mike Richards Has More Game Than You Ever Will, Ryan Howard Helps Boy Scouts

Mike_richards_atmI bet you didn't think you'd see a picture of Mike Richards at an ATM today

We get a bunch of "I saw this guy" emails, but most of them are either too ridiculous or we have no evidence.  Well, "KP" passed along this little gem about Mike Richards, who was at McFadden's after the last Phillies home game with Car Bomb, Carts, Harts, Giroux, and Bouch (Sunday, September 26th):

 My friend Doyle was trying to get this beer tub girl's number for way too long (she was ugly but we didn't want to break his heart).  While he was talking to her Richards was at the ATM to get more beer money, wrote his number of the back of the ATM receipt, then gave his digits to the beer tub girl while Doyle was trying to get her number.  The running joke between us now is that the "C' doesn't stand for captain anymore…it stands for "cock blocking."



Sorry, Doyle.  Don't take it personally.  It's hard to compete with the captain of the Flyers when he slips your attempted conquest his number on the back of an ATM receipt that surely has more commas than yours has digits.

Somehow I should have known that Richie would have awesome game like this.  

Don't try this one at home though, folks.  Beer tub girls are trained to sense hockey players. Richards could have slipped her a bar napkin and she would have known that he was a smallish forward with average speed and a knack for scoring short handed.  It's in their blood.

Speaking of handing over paper- eh on the transition- Ryan Howard was spotted with his girlfriend, Krystle Campbell, and his son at Epiphany of our Lord Church in Plymouth Meeting
on Sunday, just hours after watching the Phillies' season go right by him.  He bought $32 worth of popcorn from Boy Scouts outside.

No truth to the rumor that when they asked for his money he just stood there looking at them and then complained because he never got his popcorn.

Ruben Amaro was at Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary.  Plenty of truth to the rumor that the entire cast looked like Cliff Lee.

Plenty more sightings at last night's Sixers game from Dan Gross.

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10 Responses

  1. A little bit of normalcy, the guys aren’t acting like hippie faggots anymore from that faggot they let in the locker room anymore!

  2. Jesus, Jimmy, mellow out with the homophobia. You do nothing for our city’s reputation with that shit.
    Mike Richards earns twenty CarterBucks. Redeemable only for beach house rentals and Valtrex.

  3. “No truth to the rumor that when they asked for his money he just stood there looking at them and then complained because he never got his popcorn.”

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