Cliff Lee just fucked up the Yankees' day.  So how did their fans respond?  By throwing beer bottles and other debris into the Texas Rangers bullpen.

After the Rangers took an 8-0 lead in the top of the ninth inning, TBS cameras caught a stadium attendant picking up bottles, debris, and a foam finger from the Rangers' bullpen as Yankees fans, who have an ingrained sense of entitlement, chorused an "asshole" chant.

Cameras immediately cut away from the scene and it was never discussed by awful announcers, Ernie Johnson, Ron Darling, and John Smotlz.  How about that, another case of the national media ignoring bad fan behavior not in Philadelphia.  You could have counted down the seconds to a Santa reference if that were in Philly.

Oh yeah, a fan ran onto the field earlier in the game too.  That was barely discussed.

Video after the jump, plus a video of Cliff Lee falling during his post-game press conference-  just cause he looks nice when he's vulnerable.

Thanks to Chris Foresta for the video.