Nobody Wanted Vick

I thought about starting this off with an abandoned puppy joke, but that would be completely uncalled for.

Our friend Tim McManus over at Philly Sports Daily confirmed yesterday that NO teams were interested in Michael Vick this past off-season.  It's not a complete shock to learn that the Eagles wanted to trade Vick as opposed to paying him the $5 million he was owed, however, it is interesting to learn that there were no takers.

And so the Eagles shopped Vick, but could not find a single suitor. According to an NFL source with knowledge of the situation, not one team put in an offer for Vick’s services. Not Buffalo. Not Oakland. No one.

How sad.

The Eagles were trying to avoid a situation where a proven, veteran quarterback would be nipping at the heels of a youngster who was just handed the keys.  Oops.

It's working out just fine so far, but you have to wonder, what if another team came calling for Vick, would the Eagles be 0-3 right now?

Of course, someone will probably want him after this season.  The Eagles plans still haven't changed for Kolb.  Read more over at Philly Sports


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  1. I still dont want this guy! all he is doing is postponing the development(or possible development) of the franchise as a whole. Can anyone answer me this one question about our Philadelphia Eagles… What are we going to do NEXT season at the QB position??? Are we going to resign vick, an aging QB who is not going to get any better, not to mention he is going to command a larger salary than this year… Or are we going to hand the keys over to a still unproven Kevin Kolb with our current backup being Kafka??? and if we do go with Kolb then he will be in the last year of a contract which no starting QB wants to do… and what do we do with him, extend him again being unproven, or take our chances…. thats what this whole seasons is in a nutshell “taking a chance”, but the chance we are taking this season is going to affect the team for at least 2 seasons after this one, and by that time we will be passing the prime of Jackson, Maclin, Celek, and McCoy, Hell thats if any of those guys are still on the team!

  2. Adam, what signs of aging has Vick showed..pretty sure the only signs he has shown was developing into an actual QB. Dont give me the BS about who he played either, is he supposed to change the schedule or something?
    And if you think Kolb is our franchise QB, doesnt make a lot of sense putting him out there with an o-line that puts his career at risk every play. Vick is gonna take less hits out there. If kolb plays he is just gonna be in shell shock for the rest of his career, which is what we got a glimpse of that first half in the first game

  3. Here comes all the angry white people… Obama is charging them to get orange and Vick is starting again. Oh no Oh no Oh no their world is coming to an end.

  4. Vick is 30, but arguably only 27 in football years considering the amount of time missed due to prison and being a backup last year. Less hits taken and all that. Contrast that with someone like Favre who is 40 and is an “old 40″…never missing a game, taking punishment, etc.
    I was not a Vick fan before and didn’t understand this move when they signed him. But he’s on a roll now and I say let’s ride it out and see what happens. I’m sure he’ll return to earth once they start playing good teams.
    The only issue with keeping Vick if plays well is he is one incident away from being suspended possibly forever. So that would be the big risk to signing him to a big deal. There would have to be a clause in there where they could void the contract.

  5. Tommy, i am saying at the end of this season, Vick is a free agent, right? so do you think he is going to sign a one or two year deal with the eagles as a favor? no he is going to go after the “retirement deal” that will be 4-6 years, with a ton of money guaranteed… and he is aging, not saying he is showing it now… and i agree the O line is a joke but as far as sacks go…
    Troy aikman 1990 39 sacks
    John Elway 1983 28 sacks
    Brett Farve 1992 34 sacks
    Tom Brady 2001 41 sacks
    Ben Rotheilesberger 2004 30 sacks
    and even though he hasnt wont a SB, he was one of the best QB in the NFL last year…
    Aaron Rodgers 2009 50 sacks!!!!
    So i say let the kid take his lumps. And i am not now, nore have i ever said that KOLB is our franchise, but we have to see what he is capable of to know what direction to go to in the next 4 seasons

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