(Source: AP)

There isn't much to really be concerned about after a dominant 4-0 win and a no-hitter, when you outhit, outpitch, and out-field an opponent. I'm sure it'll be a boring few days on sports talk radio around here, since there really aren't any "issues" to discuss and there is really no other angle to the story of how great Roy Halladay was last night. 
Some say the glass is half empty. Some say the glass is half full. I usually say it's half empty and almost time to order another beer. So here are a few things to note:

  • The middle of the order was quiet going a combined 0 for 11 with 1 RBI and 4 K's (the only 4 K's in the whole lineup). And once again either Chooch or Victorino provided the big hits on offense, as seems to be the norm in the postseason. They used to be the unsung heroes on this team, but at this point, they are now sung loudly (and probably offkey) by everyone, including national media people. Victorino became the all-time franchise leader in postseason hits.


  • The main concern related to the middle of the order not hitting is that you then might wind up in a 2-1 or 2-2 game in the 7th inning. And once it comes down to bullpen vs bullpen, the Redlegs' one clear advantage in this series will come into play.


  • Travis Wood. If this series gets to a Game 4, I imagine Wood will get the ball for Cinci. He might even start Game 3 on short rest if they are down 2-0 in the series. He's pitched over 12 innings of shutout ball against the Phils this year, allowing only 2 hits, and striking out 11. The Phils can't figure this guy out. Now it's true there was less pressure coming into a 4-0 game than it would be starting, but he is a concern looking ahead. You see it very often in the postseason where a decent, though not great, pitcher like a Bruce Hurst or Jose Rijo or Sterling Hitchcock just owns a team in a playoff series. And I have a gut feeling that Wood could be that guy to the Phillies.
But as long as they go up 2-0 with a win on Friday night, it probably won't matter. Hopefully, Oswalt pitches well and they win and we are spared a week where the electronic media will be discussing whether we should have kept Cliff Lee for the eleventy-billionth time.
Bottom line: 1 win down, 10 more to go. The only thing left to do now is win. What are we waitin' fer?!