Orlando Cabrera is a Sore Losing Jerk

"He and the umpire pitched a no-hitter. He gave him every pitch. Basically, we had no chance."

via Hardball Talk

The umpire is not the reason why the entire Reds lineup flailed at devastating curveballs.  The umpire was not the reason the hardest hit ball was by their pitcher.  The umpire is also not the reason why a Google search result for "Orlando Cabrera" turns up a picture of Roy Halladay's smiling face.


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  1. This is the same douche that has called the pressbox from the dugout to have errors charged to him changed to hits. It’s always everybody else’s fault when it comes to this ass.
    …No surprise they called him “Little Manny” in Boston, but even Manny wouldn’t have the audacity to basically say he wasn’t THAT good and it wouldn’t have been a no-hitter with another ump.

  2. Check out the info from Brooks Baseball regarding the strikezone last night. This is the “official” strikezone as if you used a computer instead of an umpire. Here’s the “Strikezone Plot” graph:
    The red boxes are called strikes.There is only ONE called strike outside the strikezone from last night (at about 2.2 ft high on the right) and there are about 4 pitches inside the strikezone that were called balls. So the umpiring was actually in favor of the reds. Facts hurt sometimes, Orlando.

  3. Wow Steve S. Laying that Smack down on this Dick Face Cabrera. When i heard him say this last night i could not believe the balls on this guy that he could say this… I hope that Cabrera steps into the box on Friday and gets DRILLED by ROYO!!!! With a line like that he should be playing for the mets!

  4. Thanks Steve S. but the only real response to that idiot is no response. Though John Hirschbeck might have a different response next time he’s HP umping and little Manny steps in.

  5. his ass should’ve swung at something rather crying like a girl about fair umpires. ur team didnt hit except the relief pitcher!! classless moron

  6. I thought if anything the umpire had a small strike zone and squeezed Halladay and the Reds pitchers in some spots. I remember a few calls during the Phillies at bats in the 1st and 2nd inning where it was called a ball but looked like a strike. And I was glad obviously, but also saying to myself that I’d rather not get that call batting and have Doc get it when he’s pitching.
    There was one called strike in 8th or 9th inning that seemed a little high, but otherwise this is just sour grapes.

  7. Next time Cabrera complains, Hirschbeck or whoever the other umpires are should just hand him a tampon or maxi-pad. If he asks why, they could say it’s to soak up all that girlie whine. (I’m embellishing that from another site.)
    At least some of the other Reds like Gomes (and Mgr Baker) manned-up and admitted Halladay pitched a really great game.

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