Pat the Bat is Coming Back, Rubbing Off on Teammates

Pat_burrell_bartendingBat at a charity event at Pedro's in San Francisco

The managers at Drinkers Pub are cleaning the lines, Pat Burrell returns this weekend.

Last time he was here it was a lovest- deservedly so.  Hell, we have a category named after him, The Pat Burrell Award for Awesomeness at Cavortory, which basically encompasses any of our posts that have to do with sex, alcohol, or awesome things.  But this return to Philly should be different.  He’s a key cog for the enemy, he knows what he’s in for.  []

"Fitting, I guess," Burrell said.

Looking ahead to the best-of-seven NLCS, he added, "They're the best team in the National League because you've got to knock 'em off before you can say you are, and that's what we're going to try to do."

Of course, the fine minds at Bleacher Report, a site that requires its writers have nothing more than an account and the ability to speak English to appear on major news sites, say Burrell is one of the reasons why the Giants have better chemistry than the two-time defending National League Champs.  [Bleacher Report]

And it has seemingly been effortless. Huff has been a Godsend not only for his bat but his goofball attitude as well. He's regularly chatting it up with fellow "water buffalo" Pat Burrell and has added a "looseness"to the Giants clubhouse that has made everyone who has joined the team feel welcome (I saw a video on the Internet of Huff swearing belligerently and drinking a beer after a game while he talked to reporters-if that doesn't amuse the clubhouse, I don't know what will).

There you have it, the Giants have good chemistry because Pat Burrell turned Aubrey Huff into a drunk.


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