Phillies Pass on Romero’s 2011 Club Option

 The Phillies have declined the $4.5million option for 2011 on J.C. Romero's contract.  A shell of his 2008 self over the last few seasons, the Phillies' situational left-hander was reduced to the role of "situational walk machine" as he compiled a strike-out to walk ratio of under one.  

The only remaining lefty that can be counted on is Antonio Bastardo, who is far from proven.  This will certainly have to be an area that the Phillies address during the off-season. 

Now, who will fist-pump and crotch grab their way to the dugout?

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One Response

  1. With Romero gone, Bastardo’s really gonna have to step up. Nobody currently on the team besides him has the potential to fill the “fist pump and crotch grab” role that was so key to the Phillies’ success in 08. They’ll rely on him heavily this year to make up for the lost production in that area due to Romero’s departure. He’s gonna have to work on his technique in Spring Training. He might even have to play some winter ball in New Jersey. I think he has it in him though.

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