Reds Greatest Weapons Have Been Their Undoing


In the 2010 regular season, the Cincinnati Reds committed only 72 errors over the course of 162 games.  Good defense and a strong lineup were the forces that propelled the team to the NL Central crown, yet both of those have let them down in their first two post season games.

The bats came up short in Game One, where they could not muster a single hit against a near perfect Roy Halladay. But their woes would only begin there.  Tonight, in front of a raucous Citizens Bank Park crowd, the Reds committed four errors and essentially gave away a game they looked to be in total control of.  With Cuban defector (and world renound playa hater) Aroldis Chapman on the mound in relief, Reds right fielder Jay Bruce did what can only be described as butchering the living shit out of a ball that was hit his way by Jimmy Rollins.  The play sent the Reds into a tail spin from which they never recovered, losing the game 7-4 and putting themselves in the unenviable position of having to win the next three from the Phils. 

Although this Reds team has undeniable talent, it appears they simply are not ready for the postseason.  Is it the intense playoff atmosphere they have been exposed to playing in Philadelphia in front of a packed house?  Maybe its simply a lack of experience that has hurt this team.  It's hard to pinpoint a single reason, but it is pretty clear, so far in this series they have not been the same team that led the NL in fielding percentage and runs scored in the regular season.

And as Phils fans, hey, we'll take the win any way we can get it.  This is the golden age of Phillies baseball we are witnessing.  If it takes Jay Bruce getting destroyed in every newspaper in America tomorrow, then so be it.  This team will march on and when the NLCS gets under way this will seem a distant memory.


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  1. I was texting with friends last night during game saying “we are the Yankees now.” How many times over the last 15 years did you see the Yanks get dominated for 4-5 innings in a playoff game and then see their opponent piss the game away, while the Yanks catch every break and get every call in last few innings. That’s what happened last night. As I’m watching it happen I felt like I had seen this before with Boston or Minnesota or Oakland vs the Yankees.

  2. Luck was definitely a key factor in the Phils win last night. Capitolizing on that luck is what a great teams does. The Phils waited for their opportunity and when it was handed to them they took it. Some say this was a cheap win but I say they utilized what was presented to them and went all the way with it. That’s what I love the most about this team. I couldn’t be prouder to live in the land of Phillies red. Go Phils!

  3. Mr. Cabrera, I have been waiting for your press conference to see if you thought Arroyo got those “Halladay calls”! Mr. Chapman, welcome to the BIG leagues! It was a GREAT finish …..gooooooooooo Phillies!

  4. Hey, has anyone read the crock of shit on yahoo sports from Les Carpenter today??? He is saying that utley didnt get hit by that pitch and that had the ump not missed that HBP call then Rolen wouldnt have had the idea to throw to 2nd to get Utley and would have taken the “sure” out to first to retire Werth. And rollins would have lead off the next inning with no runners on. Like how do people like this get published on a “legitimate” site like yahoo???? seriously! that is the most far fetched bunch of IFS that i have ever heard. Just another opportunity to talk shit on Philadelphia!

  5. John E and Barb: Put those two together and you’ve got it. Every team gets mistakes handed to them sometimes. the great teams (which the Yankees, as much as it pains me to say it, were and still are, and the Phillies are) capitalize on those mistakes. The teams that are merely good don’t take advantage of them. And Adam – in all fairness, I saw a quote from Utley where he said he wasn’t even entirely certain if the ball got him or not because when it goes past that fast, you’ll still feel it if it gets close. That combined with the very close call on second combined with the fact that he may not have touched third (and I noticed that before the announcers said anything about it) makes that run definitely one that went our way, but I’ll take it.

  6. Yeah Utley hedged on whether he got hit, saying something like “I thought it hit me”. So the nominees for best actor in a hit by pitch drama: Derek Jeter of the Yankees, Chase Utley of the Phillies….
    Looks like the umps blew the call at 2nd too. Utley went in more like to try to break up the double play and appeared to be out by about a foot on replay. If he had just slid to make it there, he’d have been safe anyway…his awkward “break up the double play slide” slowed him down.

  7. Barb you are exactly right. This team always seems to make the most of the opposition’s micues, all great teams do. If you want to beat the Phillies you’ll have to be almost perfect and last night the Reds were anything but.

  8. this game kinda makes the dude from the ny times look a little better, just goes to show that anything can happen if you put the ball in play
    he is still wrong.

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