Ridiculous World Series Roundup: Cliff Lee Was Bad, Pot in SF, and Pat Burrell is The Machine

Cliff Lee was bad last night.  Real bad.  Michael Jackson (here if you didn't get the reference).

Just how historically bad was he?  Well… [Hardball Talk]

Based on Game Score, which is a Bill James invention that uses various aspects of a pitcher’s performance to calculate one number representing the strength of each start, Lee’s outing ranks as the 13th-worst in Game 1 history.

Meanwhile, when Juan Uribe hit his home run last night, a bunch of folks in San Francisco got high.  Every time a Giants player hits a home run in the World Series, a local bud bank will be giving away a free joint to people in the area.  Ahh, the West Coast.  Ironic, or maybe not so much, because Tim Lincecum smokes pot.  [TMZ]

This kid is going as Ron Washington for Halloween.  Funny, because Ron does coke- no really, he does.  In a way, you could say Lincecum was a gateway story to this picture.  Or something like that.


Finally, Pat Burrell in ass-less chaps. 

In case you haven’t seen the video, Brian Wison, who is actually rather hilarious, did an interview with Chris Rose earlier this season and in it had a dude in leather S&M garb walk by in the background.  He continuously refers to him as “The Machine.”

The Machine is Pat Burrell.  Photographic evidence at TheFightins.com.

UPDATE: SF fans "smoking weed" video after the jump.  Thanks to Samantha for the video.

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcdfw.com/video.

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11 Responses

  1. irony (n): incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs
    Pot on the West Coast is ironic? I would have probably gone with “fitting”. I think it’s funny how absolutely unabashed they are about it. By the way, nice one with the “gateway story to this picture” comment.
    That game last night was awful. Not only did it suck seeing Cliff Lee get knocked out like that, but it was just a disaster all around.

  2. as long as the skankees dont win I dont really care who wins but, I will say I would might rather see the Rangers win as it will be another pie in the face of the Phillies for trading Cliff Lee who is just as good as Halladay away, and spending all of their budget on him, when they should of been finding a new first basemen! cause, let’s face it and be real here. Ryan Howard can barely even make a hit in ANY post season game, and while he might be able to do the 1st base position adequately, we need someone in his position, someone who actually scores RUNS during playoffs that are leading the World Series, the Phillies won the NLCS, because our CHOOCH aka Ruiz carried this team to where it was, Ruiz and Werth. And can someone tell me why they didnt go for Matsui while he was FREE agent and we would have the worlds best pinch hitter, i kid you not, And now they might lose Werth. Bad bad management if ask me, and you can tell its because they cannot see the big picture from where any of us, their big picture is a microcosm. But watch they will still spend all their money stupidly on some jack ass we dont need, or should retire namely Ryan Howard, and Im not afraid to say it, Shave Victorino, hes a money sink, like one of those houses you try to fix up so you can live in it and he becomes a money sink cause things break all the time. AKA Not hit a ball. You know Im right the choked more than a hooker on Hollywood and Vine in post season again held together by Ruiz. Hes going to want a fortune soon too. get rid of Ryan he takes up to much budge when he doesn’t deliver.

  3. that kid looks amazing. they should put his actual photo next to the kid and say this is what drugs can do to you in a baseball season, like a PSA poster.

  4. I just dropped a full 30-40 IQ points reading Cyndie’s post, and I can still complete a coherent sentence. Scary…

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