Roy Halladay Pulled His Groin And Still Won the Game



The legend of Roy Halladay grows.  It appeared as if he didn’t have his best stuff for the second game in a row, but Doc pulled his groin in the second inning.

When asked if he would be available in Game 7 by Ken Rosenthal, Halladay just smiled and said “I’ll do whatever they tell me.”  Sounds like the groin injury is somewhat serious.  He told reporters after the game that if it were the regular season, he might not be ready to pitch in five days.

It’s not the regular season, it’s Doctober.

Manuel talks about Roy’s injury after the jump.

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6 Responses

  1. Call me crazy, but I feel like Halladay got better as the game went on. The first inning seemed like a disaster in the making, but he pulled it out. Either way, I hope he’s okay. We’re going to need him. Maybe this could be our version of the bloody sock? Either way, we have two games to win before we can even start making such comparisons.

  2. Nick, I too felt he was getting better the further along. He must have been figuring out how to cope with the pain while learning how to deliver the most effective pitches with the pain. I did notice something seemed off with his wind-up and delivery.
    If Buck & McCarver had any talent for baseball announcing, they should have picked up on it and discussed it. Instead there was a whole load of minutia from those idiots all night. I discovered that on my HD broadcast that their audio only comes through on the center channel, while all the other sounds of the game comes through on the other 4 channels (they broadcast the HD coverage in 5.1). So if you have a HT system and are tired trying to sync up the Phillies radio to the TV action just to avoid listening to these 2 assholes, just turn your center off instead. That was the first game of this series that I didn’t have serious agita, even though it was more of a nail-biter than Game 2.

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