Roy Halladay Threw a No-Hitter in The Playoffs

I don’t even know what else to say. The man is unbelievable. First person video and full coverage later tonight. Now, on to celebrate at Chickie’s and Pete’s.


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  1. Slacker. I want it all and I want it now!

    If Doc Halladay was running this blog he would’ve done the first-hand video and full coverage before he went-off and got shit-faced. Slacker. You’ve obviously never had a real job or any true responsibilities.

  2. If all the other pitchers take this as a “challenge” like they did in the Atlanta series this will be another exciting birthday for me

  3. This sets the bar high and every other pitcher is gonna work even harder to try to top us, which is gonna increase the competition level

  4. Halliday deserves all the credit in the world because our pitching is whats gonna get us to the series. I don’t see our offense as an issue,we are consistent enough that if it came down to simply whoever outhits the other team, I think we are gonna win that match. Our starters are golden, I am only concerned about our relief pitching, which has never been a strong spot in this baseball program. And then with Lidge, he cant start walking batters when he comes in. Too many times he has come in walked two batters and then given up a 3 run homerun. If Lidge looks good and our relievers do their job we will win the series

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