Ruben Amaro Says the Phillies Can Re-Sign Jayson Werth and Calls Out Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino

Ruben Amaro met with the media today to further remind us that the season really is over.  He discussed Jayson Werth, the Phillies' age, the top of the lineup, and Domonic Brown.  Let's break it down:

Amaro said the Phillies could have the money to re-sign Werth, but:

"Do we have enough money and would we like to bring him back? The answer to both of those questions is yes.That will depend on what the ask is and how that would affect us with other possible moves.  What is going to drive the bus is Jayson and Scott…typically these things don’t move particularly quickly.  I suspect that this will drift deep into the off-season."


I wouldn't hold your breath, folks.  The Phillies have the money if Werth doesn't command $15 million a year, which Rub, obviously, wouldn't confirm as his market value.  But he did leave the door more open than most of us would have expected.

If Werth does leave, who will be his replacement?  Well, the job wasn't given to Domonic Brown. Not at all.

"We have not given the job to Domonic Brown and he’s been told that.  He’s going to have to earn a spot on our club next year.  A lot of that will depend on what the status is with Jayson.”


Brown, who will play winter ball, suffered by getting very few at-bats after Shane Victorino returned from the DL.  Even when he did play, it was clear that his plate discipline needed a lot of work.  If he would have impressed the team more, it would have made the Werth decision much easier.

All of those comments were to be expected from Amaro, but what was really striking were his comments about the Phillies age, and more specifically, Victorino and Rollins.

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“Think we have to start dealing with our age.  We’re starting to move past the prime years of production."


About the approach at the plate.

"Talent wise, we’re a better club than what we performed during the season and postseason.”  

“[Players] Look in the mirror, think that they have to have a different approach”  

“We have a lot of swing and miss guys.  It’s hard for him [Charlie] to put on some of those things [hit and run].”


Rollins and Victorino:

“Shane and Jimmy are better players than they’ve performed the last couple years.  We know Jimmy can do it, Shane is not as proven.”  

“There’s some concern about his [Rollins] production the last couple of years.  He’s a better player than how he’s played.” 


It's a point he kept coming back to.  The Phillies' approach at the plate and the decreased performance of Victorino and Rollins at the top of the lineup, clearly didn't sit well with Rub.

Despite all of these issues, the Phillies were still in position to win the series, and Amaro hit the nail on the head.

“We didn’t have one player who was hot.  Cody Ross was very hot for the Giants.”


He's 100% right.  If the Phillies had one guy who was hot, someone with a good approach who could have driven home some of those runners in scoring position, we would probably be preparing for a World Series right now.  It all comes back to plate discipline.

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19 Responses

  1. OMG i hope they find the means to keep jayson he’s to good to lose and pardon the pun he is so worth the money. Reading all the interviews his team mates did they all want him to stay. I wouldn’t be surprised and i know it sounds crazy but i wouldn’t be shocked if someone took a pay cut to keep him here.

  2. I agree, for how fast they are, Shane and JRoll do not know how to slap the ball the other way when batting lefthanded to take advantage of their speed. Both, but especially Shane, look like they are swinging for the fences. The two smallest guys in the lineup try to hit like the #4 guy. And our #4 guy (despite his high average during the series) can’t hit in intense moments. Yeah, I know how many late inning heroics he’s had in the past in the REGULAR season, but he has largely been absent in all 4 post seasons….

  3. Game 1: Lincecum ratio of 1st pitch strikes to batters faced: 12-29 (finally 3-3 in the 7th).
    Lincecum 2-0 counts: 8. 3rd pitch results: foul, foul, foul, HR*, 2B, called strike (Utley), foul, L8.
    Only one guy didn’t swing. And when Lincecum missed, it was often by quite a bit.
    (*No lie, I said, “Chooch, if you’re going to swing on 2-0, it better be a homer.”)

  4. If they don’t sign Werth which is going to be nearly impossible because of Jason Bay’s contract, they really have no free agent outfielder available that would be worth signing. They can’t use Brown to replace him and add to an already heavy left handed lineup. It’s obvious that teams expecting to play the Phillies load up the pen with lefties because we have yet to prove we can beat them.
    The only defense the Phillies have is Corey Hart taking a discount deal to stay in Milwaukee with similar numbers to Werth.

  5. yeah he’s been absent, he didn’t tie a MLB record with rbis last postseason or lead the team in avg this past giants series. totally absent. Sure he was what, 0-3 w RISP this series. whoop de do

  6. “Think we have to start dealing with our age. We’re starting to move past the prime years of production.”
    Sometimes I think Ruben knows exactly what’s going on, but then I see things like him giving Raul a 3 year contract, Ryan a 5 year contract that doesn’t even kick in until 2012 and wonder where the disconnect is.

  7. We’ll see about Werth. Everyone keeps talking about how unselfish and team-oriented the members of this team are. If Jayson loves it enough here, he’ll stay.
    But chances are he’ll have just as much of an opportunity to win a championship in Boston or New York AND get more money.
    I guess it’ll all come down to where his heart lies. And how much he likes his long hair and beard. Johnny Damon did it… but he’s a whore.
    As for Vic and Rollins, I couldn’t agree more with Rubes. We haven’t had a dangerous leadoff threat for 2 years and counting. I can’t blame J-Roll too much with all the injuries this season. He only played 82 games. But those injuries could be a sign that he’s already on the decline the Phillies should start grooming a replacement at SS pretty much right now.
    As for Vic, there just really aren’t any excuses. His stats were average at best, and nobody fears pitching to him. Charlie was in a tough spot because he didn’t have that clear cut leadoff guy to be the spark plug, which was the entire problem during the NLCS.
    Chase’s errors (and really the team as a whole) this postseason were completely out-of-character. Chalk up the defensive woes to a fluke, I suppose.
    But if I had to single out one big reason we lost, it’s because of the Big Piece. What the hell kind of postseason performance is that from a former league MVP? Sure, he still had something like 108 RBI’s in an injury-shortened regular season, but the #4 hitter isn’t supposed to be shut out in the RBI department during the playoffs.
    This entire season has pretty much made me loose all confidence in Howard’s ability during clutch situations. He simply chokes. I love the guy, but he’s just not reliable in those situations. Pitchers know how to pitch around him and make him go after shitty pitches.
    Even Chooch, who was Mr. Clutch himself was ice cold. The whole team looked like it simply didn’t feel like scoring.
    Anyway, great season, great memories, and I’ll be pumped for the offseason transactions. Come April, we’ll be ready to compete again.
    I should probably start ranting or Kyle is going to make me start my own blog.
    Great Phillies coverage on Crossing Broad all season long, and I’m looking forward to the off season coverage as well. Keep up the good work!

  8. Tyson, you’re absolutely right on Ryan Howard and there is NO REASON to give him $25 million a year.
    Chooch gets paid way less than all of the lineup and has been the only one who you could consider to be clutch minus the NLCS.

  9. @ Jason:
    Me and a buddy of mine always wind up getting into the “Is Howard Overpaid” argument. He tends to think that he’s stealing money, while I always argue that you can cash Howard’s 100 RBI check every year, therefore making him worth it.
    Do I think he’s worth 25M per year? No way. But the fact of the matter is he does consistently produce. Just not when it counts.
    Sure, he strikes out a lot, but his defense has been much improved over the past few seasons, especially since he’s apparently stopped eating as many cheeseburgers.
    But again, he’s not worth 25M. That contract is constricting the team’s ability to sign the productive contributing players it needs, i.e. Werth.
    As much as he disappointed all of us this postseason, he’s still easily one of the top-5 first basemen in all of baseball. And with no heir apparent in the wings, he’s by far the best option we have right now at the position, whatever the price.
    Plus, all we need to do is bring back Cliff Lee and we’ll be good to go.

  10. . . . and Cliff Lee would make the offense better exactly how?? The Phillies didn’t lose this series because their starting pitching was suspect . . . they lost because they COULDN’T SCORE RUNS CONSISTENTLY.

  11. Here’s a question. Is Ruben sending the message that Shane is going bye bye instead of Werth. Could he be trade bait? Werth in center, Brown in right plus possibly platooning Francisco and Raul. Could be the shake up required and removes one hole in you offense without losing much in the defense.

  12. I agree with Amaro’s honest comments, the team as a WHOLE really underperformed in postseason and peaked in last week of season, slowly falling each week in postseason. They were hurt, and still fought so I loved that and give them big credit, but they were 2 confident in playoffs and were whipped!

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