Video: Ryan Howard on Fox at Eagles Game

Ryan Howard was at today’s Eagles game against the Falcons.  He spent time on the sidelines with Tony Siragusa as part of promotion with FOX (an Eagle is supposed to appear at the Phillies game tonight).

The Big Piece talked about everything from play-calling to Tim Lincecum.

There’s going to be a vocal minority that says “Ryan Howard should be in the batting cage,” and while that’s not realistic, joining Siragusa may not have been the right move by Howard and the Phillies.  He was already on the Letterman show earlier this week, in addition to appearances on Entourage and It’s Always Sunny (upcoming) this season.  It’s just doesn’t feel right seeing your team’s best player laughing it up on the sideline, just hours before one of the most important games in recent history.

Howard went 1-4 last night with three strikeouts.  His career stats against tonight’s starter, Jonathan Sanchez?  3 for 14 with seven strikeouts.

Like it or not, right or wrong, Howard will face a little extra scrutiny if he struggles tonight.  That’s the reality of public sentiment.

Video of the interview after the jump.

Of course, how can we be mad after seeing this pic?


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17 Responses

  1. I’m not in the minority that felt he should be in the batting cages. However, I do agree that the TV interviews (4 at my count)were unnecessary. Had he simply been at the game, who knows.
    But this was a promo op set up by Fox and MLB, with Scott Palmer in the background.
    I do feel that, on a game day, that will be followed by a long plane trip to SF, and the need to seize this series back, this was not the best thing.
    And that is my opinion. It is not a fact and could be wrong. But it is my opinion.

  2. Hmm? Why does this not surprise me? Well, who cares? He’s locked into his contract making gobs of money so he can do anything he damn well pleases. ( Insert the sarcasm any place you want it.) :/ 🙂

  3. adimike- kinda how i feel. it’s not a huge deal, but do we really need to make TV appearances on gamedays? go to the game relax. think it wasn’t the best of PR moves by palmer

  4. @Adimike55…last funny Letterman top 10 list was probably in the 1980’s anyway.
    I don’t think it’s a huge deal. I just think the timing was poor. Plus perfect example was Halladay turning down Letterman, GMA, etc when he had a week off in between games.
    Honestly given Howard’s lifetime numbers vs Sanchez, I don’t think 24 consecutive hours of BP would help him anyway.

  5. Why is he at that game? Maybe Ryan Howard should learn one of two things: read breaking balls or beat the shift.

  6. Goddamnit Kyle. I just RTFA and got really pissed off. Are you serious?
    Have you ever heard of Chase Utley or Roy Halladay?

  7. I know I had plenty to say about this on Twitter earlier (mostly joking) but do you really think people waste time talking about this shit when the Yankees do similar things? I doubt it.

  8. “An Eagle is supposed to appear at the Phillies game tonight…”
    I don’t remember seeing any there. Was it supposed to be DeSean? Oops.
    Nick, settle down. There’s a lot of worser SHIT going on in this world that you could be more mad at than this.

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