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Kelly Wiber, for this response:

My favorite moment of the 2010 season was the only game I was able to attend! Thanks to my cousins who are season ticket holders, I was able to take my eight year old son to a game! They, luckily enough for me, were unable to attend a game & offered me the tickets. Being a single mom this was an opportunity that I would not have been able to afford otherwise! Our boys lost, but we had killer seats, got amazing pictures of Chooch & Hamels warming up & created a memory that will last a lifetime! Go Phightins!!!

We had a lot of great answers, mostly Ruiz's walkoff against the Dodgers, Moyer's shutout, the Toronto series, and memories.  But Kelly (and some others) got to the real point, which was enjoying baseball with friends and family.  I'm sure her son will be excited to get the ball.

For the rest of you, please read the comments below, they serve as a great timeline for this season. If you want you want your own Chooch or Polly autograph visit BC Sports.com and pickup tickets to see Placido Polanco at the BC Sports in the Montgomery Mall on Monday night from 6-7:30 and Carlos Ruiz at the Oxford Valley Mall on Tuesday from 6-7:30. Ah yeah, you can meet Chooch. All you have to do is click here.

Ok folks, we know the Phillies are up against it in this series. However, win or lose, Carlos Ruiz and Placido Polanco will be signing autographs at two local BC Sports stores early next week. Our friends from BC have given us a signed Carlos Ruiz baseball to give away.

Want it?  

In the comments below just tell us your top Phillies moment (other than Doc's no-hitters) of 2010. Be sure to leave your email address and the best one will get the ball.

In the meantime, visit BC Sports.com and pickup tickets to see Placido Polanco at the BC Sports in the Montgomery Mall on Monday night from 6-7:30 and Carlos Ruiz at the Oxford Valley Mall on Tuesday from 6-7:30. Ah yeah, you can meet Chooch. All you have to do is click here.

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  1. I would say my favorite moment was the 3 straight come back wins against the Reds right before the break, where we had 3 straight extra inning games. In my mind this was the turning point of the season
    Brian Kluger
    Ithaca College
    Emerson Hall 149
    953 Danby Road
    Ithaca NY 14850

  2. The best moment of the 2010 season will be coming back from a 3-1 defecit vs the Giants to win the NLCS and make their 3rd straight World Series. Striking out Pat Burrell and Cody Ross to end it all in the 9th inning of Game 7!

  3. I would have to say the best moment of 2010 was in the regular season against the Dodgers on August 12 when Chooch had the walkoff double in the epic comeback in the 9th.

  4. Fav Phils moment was The classic Cliff Lee catch at the mound against the Yankees and his Destruction of the Yankees line up. Rumor is apparently he wants to be a Phillie next year? Yes please…

  5. Best moment of the year to this poing that wasn’t Doc’s no hitters? I would go with Jimmy Rollins’ first career walk off HR, with the gangster bat flip after the swing. Straight swagger. I believe it was a pinch hit too. Great moment.

  6. My top Phillies moment of the year was the 8-run comeback in August against Broxton, finished up by Chooch. I can remember Wheels saying in the 5th inning or so, “And sometimes, there are games like tonight that you just aren’t gonna win,” and then watching Wizard Boy from the 7th on and thinking “There’s no way, this kind of thing doesn’t happen,” but it did,and it felt like magic. It was every reason I love baseball, and particularly the Phillies all in one game, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.

  7. The Phils coming back into the playoff hunt…beating the HOT Braves and clinching a playoff berth and THEN the diision!

  8. Being at the game for J-Roll’s walk off two-run jack to win it for the Phils. What a way to end a game and welcome back Young James.

  9. My favorite memory is opening day when the team entered through the center field stands and hearing the excitement start to build for a great season! (Too bad my seat was 3 sections over…)

  10. My favorite moment this season was Chooch’s walk-off homerun in early May. I was jumping out of my skin that night. Carlos has been my favorite player since 2007; he’s a phenomenal guy. (2nd favorite was Schneider’s walk-off homer in July; we were at that game!)

  11. my favorite moment was when carlos Ruiz hit the walk off home run against the Dodgers in august

  12. Mine has to be Chooch’s walk-off double against the Dodgers to cap off a huge comeback. Then with the team running out to mob him Chooch was running around trying to escape them. That was some good stuff.

  13. i think my favorite phillies moment this year is the Tornado-Cane Game against the Indians. My friend had an extra ticket and sold it to me. Looking over in the 5th and seeing the clouds rolling in and going this could be bad. then standing in the concourse near Bulls BBQ waiting out the storm with my friend and his fiancee. It was the first time ive ever seen an AL team play, Interleague, a game delayed for rain and an epic destruction of the Indians.

  14. My favorite moment was sweeping the braves in September to all but clinch the division. I was at the second game with my friend and Citizens Bank Park was crazy. They played that series they way we all know they can play. It was like a playoff atmosphere. Hopefully, we will win tonight so we can experience that feeling again!

  15. Id say my fav phillies moment of this year was when i went to game 2 vs the reds..we met this little kid and he was real shy and we were in ashburn alley in the front row..so we let him squeeze in and gave him a rally towel and said he was good luck when he would wave it..that was the inning we came back and won..awesome time..never forget it

  16. My best moment of the season was opening night. It was the first game that I had even been to Citizen’s Bank Park for. Honestly, I can’t remember much of the actual game, but it was just an awesome feeling of being at CBP for the first time. I ended up going to 4 games this season, and each one was a very awesome and special experience for me.

  17. My fav Phillies moment was the sweep off the braves at citizens bank park in mid September and preventing Bobby cox from winning the nl east in his last year

  18. My favorite Phillies moment? Making Scott Rolen the last out of the NLDS. It could not have ended in a better way. That was the perfect way to end a series.

  19. There are too many moment to choose from! August 12th game against the Dodgers when we came up with 9 runs in 2 innings to pull a win. And just about any time Jayson Werth rounds 1st base and gives his section a fist pump.

  20. I would say the beat Phillies moment of this season was when we got to first place in the NL East. I feel that way because many people said that we were done in June and with what we accomplished with the injuries and hitting woes, the day we got to first place and ran away with it, was the best moment. With that said, if any team can come back from 3-1 NLCS deficit it is our Phillies!

  21. I can honestly say one of my favorite 2010 games was when Mr. Halladay was pitching in the sweltering heat on Friday July 23, 2010 it was 92 degrees, and clear at game time and it seemed to get hotter as the night progressed. My son and I had tickets in section 145 but we made there early enough that we made made our way down to section 135 to get some pictures. Well we ended up just making ourselves comfortable and we ended up staying right in section 135 row 4 the whole game. We were never bothered and it was just a great section to sit in. We sweated our butts off but it was well worth it. It was a great Father-Son game as we both just enjoyed being there and seeing for Our first time Doc pitch a gem of a game.

  22. My top Phillies moment this season was none other than Chooch bobblehead night. It was partially the reason I got tickets last-minute, and little did I know it would be an epic, 16-inning loss. But when some fans started leaving (the nerve!), my friend and I moved down behind the Phils’ dugout. Yes, we lost the game, but getting that close and seeing those guys tough it out, the emotions flare up (Howard’s ejection), Ibanez at first, Oswalt in left field… I will never forget it. Those guys will do whatever it takes, and they do it every day.

  23. When Carlos Ruiz was mobbed at first base by his teammates for knocking in the winning run!

  24. Chooch is the unsung hero this year they would not he here with out him, 2010MVP should be next two his name. I can’t wait to see the team on broad street.

  25. My Fav phillies moment in 2010? When we crushed the mets back in may when Moyer was pitching against Santana! I was at the game and there was so many Santana fans there with tears in the eyes 🙂

  26. Best moment of the year for me was coming back to Citizens Bank Park for the first time in over a year, because I moved to Arizona, and Brian Schneider hit the walk off home run against the Reds in the 12th inning.. First walk off home run I have seen in person..

  27. My favorite moment of the 2010 season was the only game I was able to attend! Thanks to my cousins who are season ticket holders, I was able to take my eight year old son to a game! They, luckily enough for me, were unable to attend a game & offered me the tickets. Being a single mom this was an opportunity that I would not have been able to afford otherwise! Our boys lost, but we had killer seats, got amazing pictures of Chooch & Hamels warming up & created a memory that will last a lifetime! Go Phightins!!!

  28. Besides echoing Chris LaBarge’s comments, Chooch’s homerun in Game 1 and his throwing out Torres are my favorite moments.
    These are based on the fact I used to catch and throwing out runners was something I was pretty good at. I just couldn’t swing the bat like Chooch has.

  29. I have to pick ONE?
    Opening Day. When they announce the players and they walk onto the field on a red carpet. I always get so emotional when we welcome them home again. I know its cheesy, but I miss this batch of guys so much in the off season! I especially get weepy when Charlie lifted our 2009 Pennant for the first time.

  30. My favorite moment is always being down at spring training to greet my favorite team coming back to attempt to win it all….

  31. I adore Chooch. I have been telling my husband for over 2 years how Carlos Ruiz is the backbone of the team. Whatever needs to be done, Chooch is there to do it. I think he’s a great athlete and seems to be an all around good guy. I loved his walk off double against the Dodgers…but my favorite moment was the interview where Chooch got two shaving cream pies to the face and after wiping his eyes and mouth, got right back to the business of his interview.

  32. 1993 going to the NLCS i jumped as high as Mitch Williams did. And winning the 08 WS of course!

  33. Has to be August 13th when we were trailing the Dodgers in the 8th and Chooch had the walk off double in the 9th. Also can’t forget the little boy who saved the game by putting a hex on the pitcher. Do you think we could fly him out to San Fran for tonights game so he could do the same to Lincecum???

  34. Opening Day. Two of my friends and I made the pilgrimage to Washington. We expected a lot of other Phillies fans there, but we were blown away with what we saw. There were literally thousands upon thousands of Phillies fans clogging up everything for miles around the stadium. We stood and cheered during introductions and were surprised but happy to hear Jamie Moyer get the loudest ovation. Then Obama came out and threw that first pitch (ball, way outside). The Fightins made our trip worth it. Halladay was masterful and the offense was hot. After we left you would have thought we were in CBP from the Phillies phaithful still pumped up and excited. It was a perfect way to kick off the 2010 season.

  35. My favorite moment of this 2010 Phillies season was on July 9th. Instead of birthday presents,i got phillies tickets for my dad, 2 friends and i. IT WAS AMAZING. plus, it was one of the best games, in my opinion, of the season. It was a walk-off win 9-7. THANKS FOR READING!!!

  36. I loved it last night when Ruiz threw that bullet to get the Giant’s runner out in a 2nd base steal attempt. When he was called out, Carlos screamed something. I don’t know if it was in English or Spanish (LOL_…but it was soooo cool! We never see him expressing emotion during the game-he’s very serious. So it was great that the camera caught that! Loved it! <3

  37. My favorite moment of the season is when we come back from being down 3-1 to the Giants to win the 2010 NLCS and make it to our 3rd straight World Series.

  38. My favorite Phillies moment was going this year to Philly when they faced the Indians with my wife and J-Roll had a walk-off HR, and after the game we walked around the stadium and took pictures with all the statues!

  39. My favorite moment was when Chooch hit the ball that won the game and ran home and was trying to avoid and dodge all the other teammates that were running out to congratulate him!

  40. When Chooch hit the walk-off double – he usually is so quiet and so not about himself but in the post-game interview, he couldn’t stop smiling and kept saying “I so happy. I win da game, I win da game!”

  41. my top phillies memory from this season would have to be on july 9th facing the reds we were down 7-1 in the bottom of the 9th and with home runs from dobbs and cody ransom we tied it up and then the bottom of the 10th ryan howard hit a 2 run HR to win the game then we all enjoyed a amazing firework show to top an amazing game of baseball

  42. My favorite Phillies moment of 2010 was on May 2.. Sunday night baseball when the Phils clobbered Johan Santana for 10 runs and went on to win the game 11-5 after being down 5-2. Perfect example of the resiliency of this time. Might be down but never out regardless of who is on the mound. plus its always nice embarrassing the mets on national TV. Solo shots from Polly and Howard in the bottom of the first to keep us in it. Raul hits an rbi single in the bottom of the 4th. Moyer draws a bases loaded walk and then Shane smokes a grand slam over the left field wall to give us the lead. Utley tacks on a 2 run bomb and Werth, an rbi double. While Shane’s slam was obviously the highlight of this game, listen to how loud our fans are after Utley’s 2 run shot. Insanity. I still watch this video at least once a week.
    perfect example of how our entire lineup is a constant threat, maybe they should watch a replay of this game before game 5.. just sayin.

  43. My favorite Phillies moment was when Chase Utley said he got hit with the ball and really didn’t then ran around the bases and didn’t touch them! That was classic:)

  44. we were 14 rows back from 1st base and they were playing the pirates……..the day of that great comeback!….ohhhh what a night!……2 rows from behind us was a lone bucko fan shooting his mouth off all game while they were winning…..then the floodgates opened up and the runs started pouring in for us……boy did he become quiet!…..great game…..never forget it!


  46. My favorite moment of the 2010 season as on May 2nd 9:05pm. That was the moment my son was born and simultaneously the moment Shane Victorino hit a grand slam off Johan Santana to give the Phils a 11-3 win. I was getting texts just as he was being cleaned off in the delivery room. My son, the mets jinx, would love to have this ball when he is old enough to appreciate it.
    Thanks, guys.

  47. I was at the game on August 24th against Houston, Roy Oswalts first series against his former team. He was not scheduled to pitch, but in the wackiest game of the year, he ended up making an appearance in the 12th inning in left field after Ryan Howard was ejected and Raul Ibanez was forced to play first. Of course, the very first pitch of the inning came right at him, and he made a rather routine catch. But in that simple play he officially became one of our own in Philadelphia, the way Aaron Rowand became a true Phillie the day he ran into the center field fence at full speed to make a catch. Philly is a town about underdogs, and nothing shows that better than the kind of hustle and scrappiness from that Roy showed that night in his desire to win the game.

  48. I was at the game on August 24th against Houston, Roy Oswalts first series against his former team. He was not scheduled to pitch, but in the wackiest game of the year, he ended up making an appearance in the 12th inning in left field after Ryan Howard was ejected and Raul Ibanez was forced to play first. Of course, the very first pitch of the inning came right at him, and he made a rather routine catch. But in that simple play he officially became one of our own in Philadelphia, the way Aaron Rowand became a true Phillie the day he ran into the center field fence at full speed to make a catch. Philly is a town about underdogs, and nothing shows that better than the kind of hustle and scrappiness from that Roy showed that night in his desire to win the game.

  49. watching Jamie Moyer become the oldest player to throw a complete game shut out. ANNNNDDDD I happened to be there when it occured. Something I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. (Like Mike Grace facing the minimum amount of batters and throwing a 1 hitter against the 96 Yankees @ the Vet!)

  50. Back in August, I traded my PRADA phone and Nintendo DS for some tickets to see Oswalt take the Nats on a Sunday afternoon. First and last time I ever used Craig’s list, we learned the tickets were stolen when we got to the gate. The woman at the ticket counter even confronted me on where I recieved these tickets, thinking I might’ve been the theif. After that hassle, we wound up getting in anyway with some Terrace Deck seats from a guy in the parking lot. That’s okay, I was out a good deal of stuff, but I was there, and I was happy. We hung out on the miller lite skydeck and began to enjoy it from the 4th, after we finally got in. Then the clouds started rolling in, it had been a bit rainy on and off all day, but the sky had cleared up when we arrived at CBP. During the 7th inning stretch, all hell broke loose. I heard after I got home, that there were even apparent tornado watches in south philly at the time. Didn’t matter. We stood there, drenched, and remained on the skydeck just waiting for our boys to come back out.
    The stolen tickets? Paying again to get in? The rain delay? The hour drive to the ballpark? None of it mattered. We shut ’em out 6-0, and after that game was through, all of the day’s previous worries were purely obsolete. I would go through all that crap again, I’d do it a thousand times. Once I see that W, the headache doesn’t matter anymore. Never happened. It’s all worth it in the end 🙂

  51. My favorite Phillies moment is when the ball was it
    to Joe Blantan when he was pitching and he tried getting it to Ryan Howard at first and he belly flopped. So funny even Ryan Howard was laughing.

  52. What can I say? Chooch brought sexy back to baseball. I can’t define a season’s worth of great plays into one or two sentences, but it has brought a city together.

  53. My favorite Phillies moment was watching the Phils all the way from London on a fuzzy TV screen with British commentators during the 2008 postseason. It was really awesome to be connected to the area and my team even though I was an ocean away! I remember a bunch of us would be up so late, sometimes until 5am, watching the games live because of the time difference; and even though the TV was fuzzy and the broadcasters were British, it’s definitely one of my favorite memories of my time in London and also my favorite Phillies memory!

  54. My favorite moment was watching Hamels strike out Scott Rolen to win the NLDS. Not just because it won the NLDS, but it seemed fitting to have Rolen be the final out!!!

  55. my favorite moment was seeing the phils in clearwater when they played the yankees in game one spring training. first time doc was in a phils uniform….

  56. It wasn’t a specific moment, but rather a series and season of moments for Carlos Ruiz. I’m glad Ruiz finally got some national attention. The guy is still underpaid, but goes out there everyday and busts his ass and plays baseball the way it was intended. The way he manages the game and his knowledge of the game are impeccable. He takes a backseat to most the games on the team in terms of credit, but deserves a lot of it.

  57. Its October 21 at 8:40 right now. To be honest with you, my favorite moment is still a week or two away.

  58. My favorite Phillies memory this year was the Blue Jays/Phillies series that ended up being in Philly due to the conference in Toronto. I got my dad and I Hall of Fame Club seats and it was his father’s day gift from me. It was the first time either of us had such nice seats. I’ll remember it for the rest of my life – and so will he.

  59. This season, I have been very fortunate to have attended some amazing games including Halladay’s no hitter in his postseason debut and a 2 out 6 run comeback in the 9th for the tie and win in the 10th. While these games were amazing games, my top Phil’s moment was actually a Phil’s loss. This game came at the end of August. I treated my nephews (ages 6, 8 and 10), sister and brother-in-law to what we figured would be a normal Phils game. We told my nephews just a half hour before leaving that we were going to the game. Walking into the stadium, they were surprised to be handed Ruiz bobbleheads. The game started with our entire opening day lineup (first time since May), and Hamels pitched a great 7 innings with 7 Ks. In the 9th we ralleyed to tie the game at 2. The Phils quickly went through their entire bullpen and the entire bench, so when Howard and Charlie were ejected, Oswalt went to LF and Raul to 1st. Oswalt and Ibanez made awesome plays at their respective new positions. The game ended in the 16th with a loss, but the ride was great. The game lasted 5hrs 20mins! Phils phans proved how faithful they were by not leaving until the last out was called. The entire game, my nephews were cheering, singing, and dancing to every song including “Take me out to the Ballgame” during the 14th Inning Stretch.. (yes- 14th inning)… We didn’t get home til after 2…WHAT A NIGHT AT THE BALLPARK!!

  60. My Birthday is July 9th, and it is a birthday I will never forget. My wife and I decided in advance to get tickets for the game. I was really excited because I found that Big Joe was pitching that night against the reds, and regardless of his tough start this season, I’m a huge Joe fan. Joe was was having a tough time against the reds, getting a few knocks early on, and ended up getting taken out pretty early. He was booed on the way out, and sarcastically tipped his hat in response. I was bummed at the exchange, but we know how Phils fans are, and the game continued on.
    In the seventh inning, my wife knew I was bummed by the team hitting so poorly on my birthday, and was worried that my gift wasn’t appreciated — but, the good sport I am, we stayed — “Just in case”.
    Fast forward to the 9th inning, where the Phils are down 7-1 in the bottom of the ninth. Head in my hands, I sat it out. Then, the bizarre happens… the bats fire up… Howard knocks home Shane for a RBI, and then, out of nowhere, GREG DOBBS hits a Three-run homer right off the foul pole…The rest of the crowd who stayed started to get fired up.. I mean, could this be this possible? Is this game not over yet?! The rally caps come flying out.. and then, CODY RANSOM, Polly’s trusty minor-league replacement drops a two-run dinger to tie the game at 7-7. Not only was the crowd insane, but I was even more pumped that the power came from the most unusual suspects. Tied at 7-7, and we go to the 10th. All of a sudden, my birthday feels pretty damn good again. Mad dog comes in and cleans up the top of the 10th, and then — in the bottom of the 10th, Ryan Howard does..well, what Howard does best: A two-run walk-off home run shot to win the game 9-7. It was the most surreal feeling of my life. And then, when it was over, and after high-fiving everyone in section 233, my wife and I went to the top of the exit ramp to watch the fireworks show scheduled for that night. Maybe it was the game, maybe it was the crowd, but they were the best damn fireworks I’ve ever seen.
    This was the best birthday I have EVER had, and it’s all thanks to the Phillies. It just showed that they never give up, whether it be down 7-1 in a game, or down 3-1 in a series, they just don’t stop Phightin’. And that is not only my Phillies moment of this season, but one of the few highlights of my life that I will remember for a VERY long time.

  61. My favorite moment this season has yet to occur. Fortunately after tonight, it might still happen, and I still haven’t given up H-O-P-E.
    OH GOD YES! I just shot my load. I’m spent, and now I can get a good night’s rest. Looking forward to the post-game breakdown tomorrow.

  62. My favorite moment this year happened on May 4th 2010. My wife gave birth to my son Ryan @ 8:50 PM, about an hour later Chooch hit a walk off home run. It was an amazing night and one I will never forget. Everytime I see the highlight of Chooch hitting that home run I will aways remember where I was on that night.

  63. I started to think of my top Phils moments from this season and one after another came pouring into my mind. I must say, I got lucky and happen to be present at so many epic games this season, The wild 16 inning 5 plus hour bout vs the Astros with Roy O making a guest appearance in left, Ruiz’s walk-off homer in the 10th to beat the Cards, or even being stopped in Ashburn Alley on the 2010 Opening Day, only to be in the front line to see and hi-five the Players being introduced and Charlie raising the 2009 NL Pennant.
    But all those don’t compare a weekend we had in June.
    Every year we try and travel to another city to catch the Phils. When the schedule came out for 2010 we all knew Boston was our game to go to. Twelve of us made the road trip to Bean Town in a 3 car caravan. On the drive up we were listening to the first game of the series, with all three cars connected through walkie talkies. Unfortunately Moyer was getting roughed up that game which ended in a 12-2 blowout. We all thought “well it cant get much worse than that.” We awake from a night of partying in Boston to gloomy overcast skies. We made our way to The Bleacher Bar where we ran in to other Phils fans and even some we knew from home. After the Bar we continued our pregaming in Yawkee Way. It really felt like we were at a home game, Phillies gear every where you looked. I don’t know what was better, the fact that we were surrounded by our own brethren or the look on the Boston fan’s faces of, “We are in Boston right??” Finally it was game time, Joey B was on the mound for us and the first inning went scoreless. Our seats were out in the Right/Center Bleachers and to our surprise the whole section was Phils fans. I am talking from row 1 to the last row in the park ALL PHILS fans! Top of the second Francisco gets tagged by a pitch and Raaaaauuuuuul singles to get on. After a Dobbs appearance, Brian Schneider hits a double towards the Monstah, 2 runs score. Our section went ecstatic, “Here we go Phils! Early runs on the board!” Hi fives galore. Sadly that half inning was the only time the Phils would score as the Red Sox went on to score 5 in the bottom of the second and tag on 5 more through out the rest of the game to win 10-2. Even though the Sox beat us that day, nothing could beat the amazing memories and new friends we made in Boston.
    I know you were probably looking for a quick, “When so and so did this and then we won the game.” But my moment of 2010 was a great Phils Roadtrip into Boston.
    Chris Foresta
    318 Chestnut St
    Spring City PA 19475

  64. I would pick the game that was not supposed to mean anything and the game only realy fans saw. The 1 game make up game against the Rockies. It became an unreal slugfest of epic porportions capped off by a CHASE UTLEY GRAND SLAM. Amazing stuff.
    Ok maybe not the BEST moment with many moments of clinching and things like that, but definietly it was just a fun game of baseball to watch. THANK YOU

  65. When RoyO played right field and Ryan Howard lost his mind on the ump in that never-ending game against the Astros. It was late, everyone was real loopy, and even though we lost, it was one of the most entertaining nights in baseball.

  66. I think without a shadow of a doubt, the best game we played this year would most definitely have to be the 16 inning game in which we burned though all of our bench players, the entire bull pen and when Ryan Howard was Ejected by that ever so popular lovely minor league umpire fill in, in the 14th inning for getting mad (which he never gets) over back to back shaky calls, Roy Oswalt, who is a starting pitcher was put in left field while Raul Ibanez who is the everyday left fielder was put on first base and they started to loosen up Kyle Kendrick who is also a Starting Pitcher, and the funny part about why they put Little Roy in left field was because the leftys were less likely to hit it to him, and the first lefty smacked a ball to middle left field and every Philly Phan started biting their nails, all while, he caught the ball all while Little Roy had the biggest smile on his face known to man. Some more irony about the game included Raul’s clutch Dive to the first base bag to barely beat out the speedy runner at first, and who can forget that final at bat where Palonco was walked with two outs, and then they decided to intentionally walk Chase Utley to face Little Roy (who was batting in Ryan Howard’s traditional clean up spot) and all eyes were on him (again), along with all the pressure in the world, down by 2 points man on second, and the tying run at first, while he represented to go ahead run, it was do or die for him, the perfect ending to that night would have been a walk off Clutch hit by our newly acquired Starting pitcher,but he fell just a little short. Although we did loose that game, that game will most definitely go down in the near future as one of the most interesting game played by the Phillies.
    Rob, Scoutzerboy14@hotmail.com
    – Hope you like it.

  67. When we clinched the NL East in Washington. Halladay pitches a two-hit shutout, and the rest of the team tacks on a gratuitous 8th inning rally just for shits and giggles. Nationals Stadium is filled with roughly 15-thousand Phillies fans and nine Nationals fans. My three year-old is next to me and my one year-old is strapped to my chest. I made sure they were watching; they’ll appreciate it later.

  68. When Cole Hamels pitched so many innings with no runs. I forget the number exactly, but damn. That’s just impressive. Great improvement from last year

  69. August 12, 2010. LA Dodgers vs Philadelphia Phillies at CBP. This game was by far the best game I have been lucky enough to witness. It was a defining moment in Baseball and a perfect example as to why the Phillies are a force to be reckoned with. The Dodger’s were leading 9-2 heading into the bottom of the eighth inning. I was one of the few fans to stay and wait for the outcome, regardless of the fact there were heckling Dodger fans sitting behind me for an excruciating 7 1/2 innings. By the end of the 8th we had made the score 9-6, thanks to singles from Polanco, Sweeney and Werth, a wild pitch from Belisario, a double from Ben Francisco, and an RBI from Valdez. We managed to hold the Dodgers off in the top of the 9th, making for a nerve-racking bottom of the 9th. We went to town on Broxton who hit Polanco and walked Sweeney and Werth. Francisco than hit what could have been a double play, but wasn’t thanks to an error by Blake letting the ball go between his legs into Left, letting in 2 MORE runs with the tying run just 2 bases away. Up comes Carlos. He nails a slider into left center bringing home both Werth and Francisco, making for one of the my most defining moments as a fan. The hero that night was Chooch, but every member of our offense came together to make this happen. This is Philadelphia baseball and this is the team I know. Through the ups and downs of this season, this is the reason I will ALWAYS stand by my team, no matter the outcome of the NLCS, or even the World Series for that matter. Philadelphia sports are a lifestyle. Not a fad like the posers in NY and San Francisco. LETS GO PHILLIES!!

  70. Tickets? Check. Phils sweatshirt? Check. A sign that asked Chase Utley to prom? Check. His autograph on the sign? Check. My favorite Phillies memory was the NLCS GAME 2 2010 against the Giants. The atmosphere in the park was amazing along with the rally towels, chants, and, of course, an appearance of “the wave.” Even better, was the WIN on that night which we deserved. That night the Phils showed their real talent and determination that us phans never lose phaith in. GO PHILS!

  71. My favorite moment all year was meeting Kyle Scott, who runs the most kick-ass sports blog in Philly at a game! LOL. Just kidding. Will ass-kissing get me the ball?
    Who can possibly pick just one moment from this season?
    I think if forced, I’d say my favorite game was going to see the Phils play an “away” game vs. the Blue Jays. I was able to jump on the internet pre-sale and therefore sit right behind the visitors dugout. I never get seats that good! I took my dad to the game, which was awesome, since I hadn’t been to a game with him since I was a little kid. Just sitting there all day observing all the little oddities of an AL game played at CBP was so cool; the away jerseys, the DH, the RCMPs all over the place. Seeing Jamie Moyer pitch probably for one of the last games of his career. Oh, and we won. That was cool, too.

  72. The most memorable moment of this Phillies season is not even about something the Phillies did, but what one of the players had my 4 year old son doing. He would go outside to play baseball and spit in hands (without) gloves because he wanted to be just like Ryan Howard!

  73. I think my favorite moment this season was back in June against the Twins. Valdez was up and it was the McDonalds inning (or whatever it’s called) when someone can win $1000 if a Phillie gets a HR. LA and Franzke were sort of laughing at the notion of Valdez going deep, but then he ended up making them eat crow. Then he went on and had another homer the next game, too.

  74. My favorite moment of this season was when Victorino threw my 5 year son old a ball in between innings after we sat through an hour long rain dealy in a hurricane back in June (I believe vs. the Indians). He slept with it for a month!

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