The Morning After: Kolb Can Play

You don’t think Andy Reid would like to re-think his emphatic declaration of Michael Vick as the starting quarterback?  Think again.

Reid is now trapped.  Kevin Kolb, for the second week in a row, played very well.  Or at the very least, well enough to be given a chance to show that he is “the future.”  Maybe if Kolb didn’t get hurt in Week 1 none of this would have happened.

Did Reid overreact by allowing naming Vick the starter?  Most fans thought it was the right move.  We know thought it was the right move.  But, as we've seen time and time again, the fans aren’t always right.  That’s the reason Charlie Manuel sticks with his guys, instead of listening to the fans’ knee-jerk reactions.  Usually, Reid has the same patience.

Not this year.

Could you imagine if 2010 Andy Reid managed the Phillies?  We might have had Wilson Valdez up in the seventh inning last night.  Cole Hamels would have been the Game Two starter.  Brad Lidge would probably be out of a job.  Sometimes, as much as we hate to admit it, it’s prudent for coaches to ignore the fans and the media and remain even keel.

The Eagles now find themselves in a quarterback "situation" of epic proportions.  The inexperienced “future” vs. the talented, resurrected ex-con.  What the hell do you do?  Naming Kolb the starter would give Reid a “flip flopper” label he would struggle to shed.

“This is a beautiful thing,” Reid said. “Sitting here as a chubby head coach in the National Football League and you’ve got two good quarterbacks, you’re a happy guy, man. That’s a positive, positive thing.”

No it’s not.  Not for him.

It's great to have two good quarterbacks, but it leaves Reid with an unenviable decision.  He has a lot invested in Kolb, he wants him to start, Kolb has now proven he can start.  But Reid can't start him.

Oh yeah, it's only Week 6.

Updating DeSean Jackson’s injury- he has a severe concussion with memory loss.  Reid said in his Monday press conference that it would be a real stretch to see him this Sunday. 


5 Responses

  1. This situation is more complicated that anyone could have imagined. Kolb showed so much poise last year that management thought it was time to flip the switch on the Kolb era. Then he gets destroyed along with half of the rest of the team in the first week of the season. So of course you go with Vick especially since it seemed like Kolb had regressed and needed more time – or at least to be taken out of a situation that could lead to him being prematurely ridden out of town. It didn’t help that the offensive line started the season so poorly.
    Then Vick goes and gets hurt doing what he does. Of course Kolb comes back. Thankfully he listened to my advice and made friends with Jackson and Maclin and look at how it turned out. In many ways, Andy Reid was a victim of circumstance and he still is. With all the injuries and question marks, it’s hard to fault him. How does he proceed from here though? It’s going to be a tough question. If whatever he does fails, everyone will be quick to jump on him even though it won’t necessarily be fair.
    I say you stick with Kolb. It’s questionable as to whether Vick should be playing let alone ready. Let’s go back to Week 1. Let’s see what Kolb can do. He’s a pretty good passer. All of the time he gets in games will only help him as a quarterback.

  2. Let the kid play. Bad O line and all. Take his lumps learn to read the D and know what it is like to be down and out. But Kyle, you think that you or another one of the contributors could write something addressing the following situation: If Vick Starts the remainder of this season and Kolb continues to ride the bench, where does that leave us for NEXT season? An unproven Kolb and an unsigned Vick who is only going to get slower and less atheletic, which are the only 2 advantages Vick has over Kolb.

  3. Well I think with this O-line there is a good chance the Vick/Kolb situation will work itself out most of the year. It’ll probably be rare that both will be healthy at the same time very often.
    O-line seemed to play better without Peters and D-line played better without Bunkley. Probably not a coincidence.

  4. Well i think The Eagles need to start to cut ties with Vick. First the guy thinks he is so great he doesnt have to practice to play, even though it would help the other 10 guys on offense to work together. And now this guy shows up late b/c(as i hear it) Vick threw a hissy fit b/c Reid wouldnt let him dress to play. Then he shows up late to get back at the team. What a drama queen. We need Kevin Kolb, a team first player, a man that could(key word COULD) be a locker room leader, instead of a distraction like Vick!

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