The Mourning After: Bottoming Out Edition

This post is usually meant to serve as a Monday recap for the Eagles.  Today, we'll lump the Eagles despair in with the Phillies heartache, and commiserate together.  Or I'll commiserate and you read and comment.  Something like that.

The Eagles had a chance to end the weekend on a high note.  Instead, they dropped a very large ducer into our already soiled sheets.

When Kevin Kolb and Shady McCoy botched a hand-off and fumbled the ball near the goal line (which Mike McGlynn took the blame for), The Eagles had a 16-7 lead. From that point on they were outscored 30-3.  30-3.

We can sit here and harp on Ellis Hobbs' failure to cover Kenny Britt, Andy Reid's failue to find him help, or a number of other reasons why that game went awry.  But why put ourselves through the misery?  That fact remains, Kenny Britt and Juan Uribe ruined your weekend.

When you woke up on Saturday, did you say to yourself, "oh my God, I fully expect my mental health to be defiled by the second cousin of the late Jose Uribe and a guy who got into a bar fight on Thursday night at Nashville club?"

You probably didn't.  You probably didn't.

But that's what happened.

I'm not sure there are adjectives to describe what was done to Philly sports fans this weekend, other than those that evoke images of horrible, unspeakable crimes.  You can run tell 'dat.

The Phillies were expected to win the series, and ultimately, the World Series.  They had arguably the most complete team of this four-year run and finished the season with the best record in Major League Baseball.  The Giants, on the other hand, had a lineup put together from a scrap heap. Other than Game 3, the Phillies were in position to win every game of this series.  They failed to move baserunners over, they failed to get big hits, they misplayed balls in the field, and Ryan Howard watched a called strike three go right down the middle of the plate to end the season.

Good lord, it hurts more when you write it out like that.

The Phillies' collapse is on par with the Eagles' loss to Tampa Bay in the NFC Championship game in 2003. There was no way either team could come up short.  Yet, when it was all said and done, an up-start team that was able to shut down Philadelphia's offense down won the game.

The Eagles, 2010 edition, had a 3rd quarter lead against a good team, on the road.  They were without their "starting" quarterback and DeSean Jackson.  To lose the game is painful enough, to be completely demoralized going into a bye week, well, that's another story.

So here we sit, Monday morning, trying to gather our thoughts.  What is there to even look forward to?  Doug Collins said doctor's treatments are helping with his symptoms from a June concussion. That's cool, right?

The Flyers won this weekend!

The Sixers start their season on Wednesday

Against the Miami Heat.

Yeah, it doesn't get any better, sports fans.


5 Responses

  1. Andy Reid is pathetic, and has worn out his welcome, why couldn’t the Eagles have packaged Reid with Mcnabb and got rid of both of them, no Kolb isn’t the answer, and Vick isn’t going to be Vick in a couple years, so what happens at QB, now and for the future?

  2. The worst part for me was Howard taking the pitch right down the middle of the plate. Sure, it might have been a hair low, but that certainly isn’t the time to be relying on the umpire to see it that way too. It wasn’t like it was a backdoor breaking ball that started 8″ off the plate and came back to catch a corner. It was right down the middle, and he stood and watched it, then had the nerve to stand there like he was wronged somehow. If you’re already a player who strikes out 1-2 times a game anyway why not take a hack?

  3. shut the fuck up nic. seriously i’m all on board with you with Reid but Kolb has one bad road game against a pretty good team and he stinks? This kid has to play more than one season to say that. It’s like some preverse badge of honor in Philadelphia to be the first to claim something a failure before it even starts. I’m almost embarrassed by the “trade Ryan Howard” or “trade chase utley” people.

  4. We all love Ryan Howard, yes he improved his BA this year, yes he still had 108 RBI’s despite missing a few weeks. BUT he still can’t hit a breaking ball, is still susceptible to breaking stuff from both sides of the plate, and so is Utley, Victorino, Rollins, and Werth, Ibanez and Chooch and Francisco. They were exposed last year by the Yankees (in 08, TBRays pitchers were inexperienced, so they didn’t pitch as effectively against the Phightin’s)and nearly overcame that, but pitching let them down. This year they had pitching themselves to shut down the opposition, BUT they ran into a better pitching staff than even the Yankees had last year. The Giants saw the blueprint and executed it near perfectly. Give the Giants their due, even though they are a bunch of douchebags that talk and yell and chirp too much. But maybe that is the problem, they played with a chip on their shoulder, and phils just ACTED like they were going to get everything handed to them…..

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