The Wiz Wit: Shark Returns with Week 4 Picks


The Shark is picking better than just about anybody on earth.  These are his picks.

Redskins (+6.5) over EAGLES
Let me first say that I do expect the Eagles to win this game.  But I think it's just far more likely the game is won by a field goal than a touchdown.  The Redskins are better than the team you saw against the Rams last week — it's quite possible they were caught looking ahead to this very game.  The reality is that the Redskins have played the Birds tough in recent years.  Of the last ten matchups, these teams are tied at 5-5.  And all of that was before the Redskins had a competent quarterback.  I have no doubt McNabb will keep the Skins alive in this game.  Regardless of how you feel about a particular player, EVERY guy in the NFL is a proud and arrogant asshole.  You have to be to play this game.  McNabb is no different.  You'd be a fool to think he hasn't been waiting for this moment since the trade went down. Prediction – McNabb keeps things close in a relatively low scoring game, but ultimately falls just short in crunch time.  Wait a sec… that sounds familiar…  Anyway, Birds win but don't cover 20-17.

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