This Pretty Much Sums Up Last Night’s Flyers Game



“The first 40 minutes there was nothing there.  There was no jam to our game, and we played mindless hockey without any energy, without any passion.”


Read the full recap at Philly Sports

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2 Responses

  1. And then 20 minutes of strong, solid hockey that was only foiled because the refs were “letting them play”, and by them I mean Columbus. In a 2-1 game, how do you deliberately ignore five or six obstruction, tripping, or slashing calls in Columbus’ zone but call a nitpicky obstruction call on Powe after the Flyers finally got on the board? Momentum murdered.
    The third was nothing to be disappointed about, although I’m glad I didn’t actually see the first two.

  2. this game was infuriating. officiating was iffy at best, but the flyers have no one to blame but themselves for their complete lack of effort.
    on an unrelated note, the attendance in columbus was pathetic. they need to realize they have a good team with some high quality players and come out and support them already. same goes for panthers and thrashers lightning and stars and coyotes fans. what a joke.

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