6-1.  Breath it in.  This is rarefied air, people.  In what's probably the most arbitrary, non-cephalopod-based prediction "system" ever, these UniDictions are coming in huge.  Of course, I'm ignoring the implicit spread created by predicting the score, not just the straight-up winner, but I take wins where I can get them.

The Eagles are visiting the Titans this week, and the fact that the Eagles are in White over Green (…again.  "Serious" question: will the Midnight Green jerseys ever show up this year?  It's part of their official uniform, gadnabbit.) was posted to Gameday on Tuesday. Being that the Eagles are the visitors, they don't have a say in whether they'll wear White or Color jerseys, so I can't ascribe this combination to outside-the-box-thinking by Reid and Co.  (Maybe White over White would be outside the box thinking.)  Your 2010 Philadelphia Eagles: 2 quarterbacks, no uniform strategy to speak of.

Of course, the Titans won't make this UniDiction easy.  Generally, their home combination is Light Blue ("Titans Blue") jersey over Navy Blue pants, but they're known as team which has no issue mixing and mixing and matching and matching their various jerseys and pants (three different pants, three different jerseys).  In fact, the team's proclivity for uniform variation warranted a USA Today article in 2006.  I'm going to play it safe and assume they're in the "standard home" combination.  I doubt we'll see them in monochrome "Titans Blue" or "Navy Blue." For completeness sake, I'll mention they've worn a Navy over White combination, but it's been a while (at least two seasons) since they've worn the white pants from what I can tell, so almost zero odds we'll see those on Sunday.  And, generally, the Titans different components are only color swaps, the stripes and other details are identical except for swapping one color for another.  It's not like the Eagles, where their White pants have two stripes, and the Green pants have three.

And, oh yeah.  The pink breast cancer awareness gear is ridiculous and pointless- the NFL profits greatly off those merchandise sales.

UniDiction after the jump.

The UniDiction

Either 2, 3, 6, or 7 points awarded for each category (safety, field goal, touchdown, touchdown+point after)


Eagles: 7 — Still one of the best helmets in the league.

Titans: 2 — OK.  So, the "T"  is a sword (probably because swords are awesome), three stars (because the Tennessee state flag has three stars in a similar-ish arrangement), and some flames, invoking either Titan VIP Prometheus and his theft of fire, or, um, playing into the Titans' past as the Oilers, and showing a burning Oil Derrick.  Each of those is unlikely for different reasons, so let's assume it's equally probable it's because "flames are cool."  Well, maybe the sword is due to noted Titan Zeus' gift of an adamantine (Wolverine!) sword to  Perseus, but I'm not sure Perseus was technically a Titan.  Anyway, it's a non-sense combination of symbols, and the blue contrast stripes taper off for no reason around the crown of the head.   Blech.


Eagles: 3 — The White jerseys are unfortunately nondescript compared to the Midnight Green.  I've said it before, so I'll continue to say it, the White jersey just doesn't say "Eagles" the way that the Green one does.  Ask someone what the Eagles' colors are, and "White" will never be his or her first answer.

Titans: 3 — There are definitely worse "non-traditional" designs, out there, but I'm not sure I can get on board with the shoulder yokes.  It looks messy on the sleeve are where the "body" color meets the "yoke" color.  I'm generally not a fan of "can't make up their minds" colors (like the Lions), but the Navy Blue yoke is larger than the typical "contrast color" area and thankfully, the dark highlight color is not black (see the Lions' link above).  But, any color which is within the Baby Blue "spectrum" doesn't have a place being the main color of a uniform, even if it's origin is a legitimately retro source.

Pants + Socks

Eagles: 3 — I still don't like the Green Pants.  With the last three weeks being even more chances to see them, the Midnight Green pants tend to look generically "dark" on the lower half of the body, not an immediately noticeable color.  The two-tone socks also work better with the white pants than the green pants.

Titans: 6 — If they're in Navy Blue pants, I really can't find too much at fault.  The general template is nice: color "A" body, wide, alternating color "B"-"C"-"B" stripes.  Pretty much a classic look.  The use of "Titans Blue" as a contrast color against Navy is much better than using Navy against "Titans Blue."  Honestly, the infrequently seen Navy over White is a better look, though.


Eagles: 6 — Points awarded if only because I'm getting the feeling we're only going to be seeing the White jerseys and Throwbacks this year.

Titans: 2 — While Navy over White is preferred, the usual "away" combination of White over "Titans Blue" is barely an improvement to the "Titans Blue" over Navy, and their White over Navy has the same problem as the Eagles' White over Green: the pants look generally "dark," not an unmistakable color that says "Titans."  And there logo doesn't make any sense.

 Final Score

Eagles 19

Titans 13