Video: The Final Out from All Angles

Still searching for words to describe what it was like to be there in person- simply amazing.

Here's a video that compiles my vantage point (lower-level right field), TBS' broadcast with Scott Franzke's call, and the CSN studio reaction.  My Dad makes an awesome cameo at the 1:04 mark and that's me yelling like an idiot and with the F-bomb at the end.  Epilepsy warning.

Another video from the Diamond Club (it doesn't look like they were having quite the same raucous fun), Roy's entrance to the clubhouse via David Hale, and some photos after the jump.

Phanatic_watches_trainers_roomPhanatic watches from groundskeeper's room

PhotoAnd, of course, Doc's patients were well taken care of.

Now, go buy the t-shirt and help out Phillies' charities.



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  1. No homo…. I LOVE Roy! What can the man NOT do. He represents EVERYTHING that is GREAT about baseball!

  2. LOVE THIS!!! I love the “get that ball Chooch,” comment in the last video!! DOC-TOBER BABY!!

  3. You are welcome. To all Philly fans from all Jays fans. Great to finally see him reaching the great heights on the big stage like he has been doing for years.

  4. Great videos here.. The only disappointment I had about this whole thing was the lack of coverage on what a great throw Chooch made to seal it, with a bat and runner in his way, throwing off balance to (a not so sure-handed) Ryan Howard. Not sure if it was covered more in the Philly area or not. I’m about 300 miles away

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