Well here’s something new, an out-of-town reporter trying to uncover evil Philadelphians and failing miserably at it.

Cliff Radel of wrote his latest piece with the intent to slander locals, instead he found that most Philly folks are intelligent, rational fans. 

In the City of Brotherly Love, babies learn to talk by shouting “Boo!” So, it’s surprising, then, to hear Phillies fans being uncharacteristically nice in their comments about the Reds.

They’re especially complimentary considering that baseball prognosticators are calling for a Philadelphia sweep of the Reds in the National League Division Series. According to those folks, it’ll be three games and out for Cincinnati in the five-game series starting Wednesday at Citizens Bank Park.

Phillies fans, however, see things differently.

“Phillies will win. But it’s going to be close. The two teams are very evenly matched,” she said as she stood by the statue of her favorite Phillie, Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt. The third baseman’s bronze image depicts his home run swing just outside the third base gate of Philadelphia’s retro ballpark.

Babies learn to talk by booing?  Come on.  He kept trying to find all of those angry Philadelphians.

“We’ve been in the playoffs recently,” he said. “Cincinnati has not been there for 15 years. Philly may be a little jaded. But watch out for game time tomorrow. That will bring out the true Phillies fans.”

And that’s when the rudeness will begin?

“Not necessarily,” said Dunne.

The retired teacher provided a reasoned explanation:

“Not all of the Phillies fans are nasty,” she said. “Those are just a few bad eggs.”

What a novel concept, Philadelphia has pretty decent fans.

Speaking of all those prognosticators.  The Phillies really are heavily favored: ESPN and Fox Sports (one writer doesn’t think they’ll lose a game).

Bonus 2008 highlight video after the jump.

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