Unsure whether or not he will play this week, Kevin Kolb spoke to the media today.  Remember that confident, unflappable guy we all during the summer?  Well, he’s gone.  Philly is in his head. [Philly Sports Daily]

“I don’t want to get too high, I don’t want to get too low – I know that’s y’alls mentality – but I think especially in this town and in this market, when you lose a couple you can get way down. When you play well, people can build you up. So I just want to stay [at] that level of confidence, and make sure I prepare the same week in, week out. 

I think Philly can be a little bit of a different place, but lucky for me I don’t know what it’s like anywhere else. This is where I’m at; this is where I was born as an NFL player basically, so I’m used to it. It can be good or bad.”


The mere fact that he is saying this stuff means we are in his head.  We got in Donovan McNabb’s head, and we all know how that turned out.

One guy whose head we’re not in?  Michael Vick.  He seems like he is completely unfazed by a year’s worth of bashing and scrutiny.  Of course, given his history, he may very well be a sociopath, so… there's that to consider.