Going into this, I thought this week's WTHIWWP would have something to do with Donovan McNabb. And then I stumbled upon this video from diamond111renee on YouTube.

The creator is offering up his girlfriend and that lucious sweet ass of hers to Eagles fans.  That's right, should the Redskins lose on Sunday, we get to see more of her.  Fuck, I think I just switched allegiances. 

And we get the bad rap.  At least Susan Finkelstein was going to sacrifice for World Series tickets. Here we have a guy willing to offer up his prized, subservient concubine to the whole interweb, for what, a week 4 game?  That's right honey, you just bend over like so and let daddy degrade you.

Very not suitable for work, eating, children, fish, and grandparents video after the jump.