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For the first time in his tenure in Philly, Andy Reid saw a sandwich that he didn't like (heyyo!).  That was the one put on Michael Vick by the goaline on Sunday.  Jordan Raanan from CSNPhilly.com reports  that Vick's MRI on Monday revealed cracked cartilage in his ribcage. Even though Reid would not rule Vick out for Sunday, it is doubtful he will play.

"Well, we’ll just see how he feels," Reid said. "This is going to be one of those day-to-day, week-to-week [injuries]. We’ll just see how it goes and how he feels along the way."


For a more detailed description of the ailment, Kaanan's report turns to Sixers team doctor Barry Rubenstein.  Rubenstein says that this injury could have long lasting effects and, " these types of injuries are susceptible to re-aggravation."  Great.  He also stated that the chances of Vick returning against San Francisco were slim to none.

With that in mind, we now turn our attention to the second coming of Kevin Kolb.  Kolb, who looked much like a deer in headlights for most of his snaps on Sunday,  had one saving grace which helped make the sheet look pretty respectable at the final whistle- Shady McCoy.  Although he finished out the game seemingly no worse for wear, he is the one with the broken rib.  Reid seems to believe that Mccoy may be able to make the start on Sunday due to the fact that he finished out the second half playing through the pain. 

Even though Mccoy's injury does not appear to be severe, he will definitely have to see a limited number of touches and this will challenge Kolb to throw the ball down field, something that he did not appear comfortable doing this weekend.  Kolb needs to step his game up in a big way if he has any chance of being the starting quarterback for this team.  He has been given a golden opportunity to prove he is the man for the job once again.   As we saw in week one, the age old adage that a man can't lose his job due to injury does not apply in Philadelphia.    Only time will tell. 

Oh and speaking of time; we here at CB thought about getting a swear jar in the office and using the proceeds to buy Andy a watch.  One with the really big numbers on it for the elderly.  But that's a another topic for another day.  For now lets sit back, strap our seat belts on, and see where this wild 2010 ride takes us next.  Oh and we're somewhat kidding about the swear jar- there is no office.