Ironic.  The Sixers' parade was flanked by banners for the only basketball team that will consistently sellout The Well this season.

Look out, Sixers fans, all seven of you.

The Sixers open their 2010-2011 campaign tonight against the… wait for it… Miami Heat.  That should help our young, inexperienced roster ease right into regular season play.  The Heat lost their opener in Boston last night and will no doubt be itching to prove the worth of The Big Three.

Evan Turner will not get the start tonight, but I'm sure he will see plenty of time.

Two great previews for you.  The very funny human beings at The Wiz Wit break it down:

The 76ers aren’t a very good team. They lack a go-to scorer or a low-post defensive presence. What they have is potential. With so much of the team 23 and under, there is reason to be optimistic about the future. However, they need to commit to the young guys and continue to struggle before they can get better. They need Evan Turner to be great, and they need another top 5 pick (preferably a big man) that is also great. I hate to be the guy that roots for a higher pick, but I’m just being realistic. If everything goes right for this team, they can hover right below .500, but I expect somewhere in the range of 28-34 wins. If Doug Collins can get anything more than that out of this team, he deserves a cookie.

Read more at The Wiz Wit.

And John Miller gives us 26 things to watch for (not wins!  haters…):

For the first time in a couple years, the Sixers have some interesting things happening – a new, high-energy coach, a rebuilt front office and youth in the backcourt. This has been an offseason of change, and while contending for a title is not in the cards this year, there are some Things You Need To Know as the season tips off.

More at PSD.

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