ZOMG! Could Scott Franzke Leave for the Rangers? Will You be Able to Watch the NLCS?

We present to you, your two media freak-out moments of the day:

Yesterday, we told about Scott Franzke’s expiring contract and the possibility that he maybe might perhaps potentially think about leaving for Texas.  Last night, Phillies Nation reported on an article from the Dallas Morning News that also questioned the timing of the Rangers letting their nine year play-by-play man go.

Mind you, this announcement came the day before Game 5 of the ALDS.  Why would they do it then?  Perhaps to give Scott Franzke something to think about…  [Dallas Morning News]

There aren't a lot of minor league broadcasters with television experience. Maybe the Rangers are hoping that Scott Franzke, who once worked their pre- and postgames on radio and has done excellent work in the Philadelphia Phillies' radio booth, will come home. Mike Capps, who has loads of TV experience, but in much different venues, works radio for the Ryan family in Round Rock.

The search is on. Stay tuned

UPDATE: Phillies Nation has an interview with Franzke, where he says he's here at least another year. 

Now, cause for more immediate concern.  While most people in this area don’t have Cablevision, Phillies fans in NJ and New York could be affected by yet another battle between a major network and a cable company.  Cablevision and FOX are currently in a royal pissing match over whether the provider will be able to carry WNYW and WWOR in New York and WTXF in Philadelphia (FOX affiliates).  The network wants more money from Cablevision.  Their current deal inconveniently expires on Friday at midnight- just before Game 1 of the NLCS on… wait for it… FOX!

They are literally meeting right now (Thursday morning), so stay tuned.

Some say the two parties need arbitration.


9 Responses

  1. While I’d hate to hate Franzke over getting his (hopefully old) “dream job”, I wouldn’t be able to cry myself to sleep at night listening to someone else make the call.
    Scott, we love you here. PLEASE STAY.

  2. I just threw up in my mouth over this news. Mostly bc I cannot take another season of Tom McCarthy. I had high hopes that they were going to dump that freaking cheesy salesman and promote Franzke to TV. Please phillies, do the right thing here.

  3. Put Franzke on TV for the Phillies!! He is so exciting to listen to. He’s a great broadcaster. Don’t let him go….PLEASE!!

  4. Wow, what I originally wrote made no sense.
    *I would have to cry myself to sleep at night listening to someone else make the call.

  5. Fox did the same with our provider down here, DimShack, conveniently right before the start of this year’s NFL opening week. Because of that my bill will be going up another $10/mo (%7 increase). Bastards. Where’s the FCC where you need them? Those governmental bastards are too busy thinking about how to regulate the Internet. Fuckers.

  6. Living in Chicago, and not having cable, I listen to a lot of baseball. Franske and L.A. are by far the best radio combo in the majors. It would be sad, sad, sad, to lose him. Please. Stay. Scott… You are the voice of the dynasty (the dynasty part forthcoming). I may start having Tom McCarthy nightmares this very evening. Just try to imagine game 4 of the 2008 NLCS with T-Mac at the mic… I’d rather listen to the Dodgers broadcast.

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