A Must Listen: Epic Redskins Rant

Chad_dukesChad Dukes is on the right (heh)

This is an all-timer.  DC Radio Host Chad Dukes rants on the misery that is the current state of the Washington Redskins.  I guess the Eagles just have this kind of effect on people.  

There really are no words to do this justice, so here’s a few pull-out quotes from the rant, just in case you’re not convinced to listen yet.

Stupid stadium… go screw… how dare you… it’s not just one game… how dare you… you embarrassed the nation’s capital… having Albert Haynesworth do the worm on the field… I’m northern Virginia, I’m D.C… you kill me, you make me sick… you suck Dan Snyder

The best part?  LaVar Arrington in the background continuously saying “get ’em.” Listen after the jump.

Thanks to readers Eric and Michael for the heads up.

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20 Responses

  1. Kind of reminds me of Chris Farley’s “you’re gonna end up in a van down by the river” rant.

  2. So 50% of the stadium is Eagles fans yet the Redskins fanbase is “passionate?”
    Contradictory I say. However, I do think the majority of attending fans in Washington are blue bloods.

  3. I love Chad Dukes and his rant is epic. Why does Lavar have to ruin it by saying Get ’em every second interrupting Chad’s flow?

  4. Calling all season ticket holders: time to file a ‘failure to perform’ lawsuit against the team for that game. That was not football. It was Ohio State attempting to play against the Florida for the National Championship years back.
    We are old, slow, and washed up. This team is a retirement community with junior talent sprinkled in. I’m done wasting money, time, and energy on this team and franchise.
    Nice rant too.

  5. She must determine whether that person can afford all this got to bear her spoiled, her vexatious, her stubbornness, her pessimism, all her character flaws and always stubbornly persists!

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