Allen_iverson_turkeyThis is called "foreshadowing"

It's come to this for AI.

Allen Iverson arrived in Turkey today, two days after his originally scheduled flight- that he missed. He rocked a Phillies cap and was greeted by a throng of jubilant fans insane human beings. 

He gave his first interview to Turkish reporters, and when asked if he had the chance to learn Turkish yet, he said:

"No, not yet. I'm going to be around my teammates a lot and I'll interact with the fans as much as possible. I bet before I leave here I'm going to speak Turkish."


I bet you are, Allen Iverson.  Here's a start:

Biz uygulama bahsediyoruz. Oyun değil. Uygulama.

That's Turkish for "We're talking about practice.  Not the game.  Practice."

For the record, I have December 21st in the "when does AI unceremoniously leave Turkey" pool.

Now, heres the nearest Friday's.

Video after the jump.

UPDATE: video of AI at a soccer game in Turkey.  And apparently my Google translated Turkish was wrong.  Can't be perfect, folks.