Andre Iguodala: Portrait of a Leader

Not really.

Check out Iggy during the final play of regulation, just after John Wall tied the game with three consecutive free throws.  There were 3.5 seconds remaining, and Iguodala wanted the inbounds pass from Thaddeus Young.

He didn't get it.  Instead, he pouted… on the court… while the play was going on.

At the end of overtime, he did get to take the final shot.  He threw up a brick from 18 feet out.

Video after the jump.  Can we figure out a way to trade him, please?


6 Responses

  1. He had a wide fucking open jump shot at the end of overtime. Yet he did a god damn pump fake to draw a foul from a guy standing 5 feet away.

  2. And then leaned into him during the shot. He never take a straight up jumper at the end of games. He sucks.

  3. Andre needs to go. Turner is the only real superstar on this team but until they let him take over this kind of stuff will continue to happen. You don’t win with iggy you don’t win without. Brand needs help down low and Hawes isn’t the answer.
    Honestly, I’d trade Meeks, Kapono, Iffy (yes cause thats how good his jumper is) Speights and Lou for a Orlando’s backup center and some picks for next years draft.
    Holiday needs to get his act together too. I understand he is young but he doesn’t learn from his mistakes. Passing the ball after in the air to young for a turnover then the foul the next play.
    Thats one high bb iq

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