Andy Reid Loves that DeSean Jackson Loves the Ball

He also loves that he loves a post-romp snuggle, his coy smile and the way he jerks his thang.  But surely Reid can't be serious (Leslie Nielsen tribute line).

Today, when he was asked about the reported postgame riff between him and D-Jac on Sunday, Reid, um, backed off.

“I love that he loves the ball.  He wants it now, he wants it in crunch time. There are guys that would rather climb under this table in crunch time [Editors note: Donovan McNabb].  That’s beautiful thing. I will take care of everything else.”

His size?

"He’s 169 pounds. There might not be a 165 pound male in this room. It’s one of those deals, everybody is 20 pounds or greater than he is. There is a time when he has to be smart."

Seems Andy cooled down a little bit since Sunday.  And that's a beautiful thing.  But why?

D-Jac weighed in:  [Philly Sports Daily]

“People can say what they want and talk about what they want. I could care less about any of that. I’m here to play football and go out and win football games. If it doesn’t have anything to do with that, then I could care less about it.”

Sounds rehearsed.  Much more humble than those pregame game-face and "cocky" Tweets… wait, what happened to those Tweets?  They disappeared from his account.

One of the reasons why Reid supposedly chewed out D-Jac before Sunday's game, was because of his "loose demeanor" before the game.  Seems odd that DeSean, at some point between yesterday morning and this afternoon, went back and retroactively removed those Tweets (and his post-game Tweet), don't ya think?

Don't worry, he's still hawking signed mini-helmets.


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  1. Totally unrelated post other then the fact that it involves the birds…. What the FUCK is up with the NFL fining Asante Samuel 40k for a questionable hit, but only fining Andre Johnson 25k for an all out fist fight with Cortland Finnegan! How does that make sense!

  2. I think it’s because they are trying to make an example out of head to head hits. A fight, on its surface, is a fair match. It just looked really bad because Johnson got him in a bad position, but Finnegan was equally as responsible.
    Not saying it’s right, but I think that’s their view.

  3. Kyle – you are exactly right, Finny instigated the fight with his constant hands in the face and grabbing of the facemask. He was all smiles while getting his s#!7 kicked outta him because he got Johnson to crack. AND it was first offense for both players, AND not any action that would really have an affect on either players’ livelihood (like a concussion induced helmet to helmet collision).

  4. yeah i guess but still i mean Goddell is all about “protecting the shield” and preserving the integrity of the NFL and its player, and this move to me is a step in the wrong direction. IDK they just seem to do so much to make the NFL the opposite of the NBA, but this is similar to a David Stern punishment.

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