Asante Samuel Fined $40k for Hit, Calls the League and Deion Sanders Haters

According to Tim McManus (@Tim_McManus), Asante Samuel told reporters he was fined $40,000 for this hit on Derek Hagen.

No complaints here.  However, I'm still baffled that the hit on Ellis Hobbs didn't even result in a penalty, all because he wasn't considered "defenseless."  The NFL at work, folks.  

Asante is also pissed at Deion Sanders for calling him the "best off-corner" in the league.  [PSD]

“He’s a hater. You can write that,” Samuel said.

Asked then about the league, he responded: “They’re haters, too.” When questioned about the hit, Samuel revealed he was fined $40,000.


There you have it.  Deion Sanders, the NFL- haters.  Watch Deion's comment here.



Oh boy.

Video after the jump.  Bonus points to the guy who overlayed Kevin Rudolf's I Made It to the replay.


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  1. first…. its ‘fined’
    second.. you agree with the fining? WTF is wrong with you. He did exactly what you are supposed to do. U braindead

  2. Maybe I am missing something but what in the hell is a off corner?
    On second thought Deion is probably hating because Asante actually performed a tackle…something deion Sanders never did while he was in the league.

  3. Hey “muscles”, it was a defenseless receiver. Regardless of what we think that is a rule. Robinson got fined for the same kind of hit on Jackson, I’m sure you were crying suspension.
    Do me a favor. Work out that brain muscle a bit more before commenting on here.

  4. Uh oh, grammar police here. The headline is spelled correctly, obviously he just forgot the E on the second time around. It’s hard not to agree with the fine. He did go helmet to helmet whether he tried to or not.

  5. Some one please explain to me how that hit warrants a larger fine than Seymour slapping Big Ben in the head.
    I agree with keeping the players safe, but these new rules and their enforcement is absurd.

  6. I’m not disappointed in the fine because the NFL is trying to make the league safer and the players we like to watch(qbs, receievers, runningbacks)are being better protected by this.
    However, it is a shame that big hits are being taken away because that is just as much a reason we watch the game.

  7. Whether we like it or not, it was clearly helmet to helmet, and he fully intended to do it. It was not an accidental helmet to helmet hit like one Austin Collie.
    By the rules, it should have been flagged.
    The penalties and fines are getting pretty silly though. This is a contact sport.

  8. I hate this “defenseless” reciever crap!! No s**t they are going to be defenseless when they first catch the ball but what are these DB’s supposed to do?? Samuel DID NOT lead with his helmet; he clearly went to hit with his shoulder and his helmet happened to hit Hagan’s facemask first. That will happen in football sometimes. Give me a break. It’s bad enough a penalty was called but now $40K?? BS!! Oh and for the record, I’ve said all along that the hit on Desean Jackson was legal.

  9. It’s good that Samuel is being more physical, but he’s doing it in the wrong ways. I’m tired of seeing him lay someone out and then strut around the field. He draws penalties and then throws a tantrum. It’s absurd.

  10. To be honest, I don’t know what an “off-corner” is either. Seemed innocent enough. I Googled it, tried to find video of Deion saying it, etc. If anyone can find out more, please send along. Asante is a bit of a hot head, so it may not something bad anyway.
    And yes, I made an obvious typo. Muscles, “U” meant to say “you’re.”

  11. You know what I saw was helmet to facemask, if the receiver didn’t have his head down he would have gotten hit square in the chest and his helmet would not have moved, it’s his own damn fault his “helmet” got hit!

  12. I just want to know one thing… How is this a penalty and fine, when the hit on Hobbs wasnt even a penalty???? As i understood it, the refs were supposed to err on the side of safety and caution and flag any hit that appeared to be what the league deems “dangerous”….. And Hobbs may have not been a “defenseless” receiver but the point of the penalties and fines is to get players to realize the change in mindset that needs to take place to increase safety, so in ttat sense the hobbs hit should also be a fine and a penalty!
    Hey Kyle think you could post videos or pics for side by side comparisons of the Samuel hit and the hit on Hobbs… just an idea!

  13. deion means that he’s not up in the face of the WR like Revis or Asomugha. He’s kind of right Asante is not a physical corner. Neither was Deion, but Deion did play up in the WR’s face.

  14. oh yeah and let me clear up the reasoning behind not fining the hobbs hit. The helmet to helmet rule only applies when you are a defensless player. As soon as you possess the ball you are no longer a defenseless player which is why the Collie hit was such a bad call because he had completed the process of the catch which means even if he did hit collie helmet to helmet it doesn’t matter. Hobbs was on a kick return in which he possessed the call therefore he is not “defenseless”. Bad rule too many variations. let the guys play football.

  15. Adam- got the link to the Hobbs hit up there. Quite honestly, I thought both deserved a fine. Asante lowered is head and performed almost exactly the type of hit they are trying to prevent. Hobbs, while not “defenseless,” was drilled in the head equally as violently.
    I do think the $40k was too steep. That’s A LOT of coin for anybody.

  16. Yeah thanks but i wasnt asking for a “by the rules” explanation(alex). Its more a common sense thing, i mean come on NFL, what are you trying to do? Prevent hits that cause both long and short term injuries. And like Kyle said both were hits that the League is looking to stop or lessen. And BOTH of these hits were fine-worthy. I dont care if it was helmet to helmet or what a defenseless receiver is defined as. IDK i just think that the NFL has left it way too open to interpretation, but see i thought they were limiting the amount of official interpretation by just throwing flags on hits that might be borderline, like the Coleman/Collie hit and the hands to the head of Peyton(i think). I mean you take out the objectivity by calling anything that might be remotely close. And when that Coleman penalty was called i was not happy but now that a hit that was twice as blatant goes unflagged and unfined… that makes me a million times more pissed! fuck the NFL and their blind ass officials that are (as Asante put it) HATERS!

  17. Asante’s hit was clean…If they keep changing the rules like this, at some point it won’t even be football anymore. I’m fine with fining them after the fact if they deem it a fine worthy hit, but the fact that the Giants got 15 yards off of a damn good defensive play that a year ago would’ve drawn nothing but praise. Goodell is an idiot for changing the rules mid-season.
    If this is the direction the league is going in, then they might as well just cut to the chase and put flags on.

  18. “I’m tired of seeing him lay someone out and then strut around the field.”
    The same Asante we’ve been bitching about because he’s not physical enough and because he cant hit or tackle anybody?
    The penalty wasn’t for a defenseless receiver by the way. I wish they would tell us what was wrong with the hit/why it was penalized. Maybe then guys would complain less and start to correct more. Because honestly, I don’t know if that’s a helmet to helmet or defenseless receiver, could have been called both or neither imo.

  19. Oh and @ Alex. That’s not true. Ernie Sims got fined for a play that wasn’t on a defenseless receiver head to head, he just hit a guy in the head and got fined. You don’t have to be defenseless to get a penalty called, that would be stupid.

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