Aww Mike Likes Us!

You know that hometown discount we all want from Jayson Werth, the one we're not getting?  Well, I'll give you one guess as to who will give us one… and it's not a toaster.  

Michael Vick.

If there's one scenario that points to depth and complexity of Philadelphia fandom, it may very well me the dichotomy between our feelings for Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick.

McNabb, by all accounts, is an upstanding citizen.  Vick, on the other, while he may be reformed, has done some pretty heinous things.  And while there is still a vocal minority, Vick has been accepted with open arms, not only because of his actions on the field, but also because of his attitude.  

His quotes and his attitude make it seem as though he just "gets" Philly:

"Nobody else wanted me. They did. I definitely have to take that into consideration when it’s time to make a decision.  As of now I just have to focus on winning. I’m enjoying it so much I can’t even think about that [contract]."


And on Sunday:

“You know what? I play this game the way I play it, and I’m not going to change.  I’m not going to play this game scared or hesitant or conservative. I just want to be able to tell myself that I gave it everything I had and didn‘t hold anything back. Regardless of what happens out there, whether I run and get hurt or if I don’t — it’s just me playing my game.”


That's the type of honesty and enthusiasm you want from your quarterback- a far cry from what we got with McNabb. 

Speaking of McNabb… what the hell?


The Wiz Wit has more on this.

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16 Responses

  1. you white guys (fans) are very funny first you all hated everything about the dude now you are virtually begging him to stay since you all realize Kolb is hot do do.

  2. When he said no one else wanted him, but these guys did, he was not referring to us fans. He was talking about the Eagles organization.

  3. great. you took a pic of mcnabb from the mid to late 90s which, for whatever we know he was forced to do for PR. pretty sure you dont break every major quarterbacking record for a major market team without having enthusiasm. maybe he didnt display it in the right way but no one can say he didnt try. sure he made a lot of bad passes but he made a hell of a lot of great plays. and also we can all thank him for bringing vick in. for God’s sake, i LOVE the eagles and love the passion and intensity we are known for but holy shit…quit the mcnabb bashing PLEASE…the guy is getting bashed hard enough beind that AWFUL skins line anchored by artis hicks (remember him?) how quickly we forget the ray rhoades/detmer times. have some respect for a guy who bought the franchise back to relevance. it makes me sick the way some fans treat a guy who never asked out of philadelphia and only set several major records and took them to their first superbowl in 24 years..lets get back to throwing iceballs at the cowboys head coach PLEASE

  4. and in addition to playing behind that porous offensive line has only santana moss to throw to, with galloway ancient and was never really reliable, and armstrong who was picked up from an intermediate league…ugh. plus the tight ends have to step up blocking responsibilities. plus he is dealing with a 3rd string RB. hate all the flack hes getting

  5. my bad, had just gotten back from the bar where i had a big argument with a guy about the issue. must have been the schmidts, which was flowing like milk from a mothers teat. luckily i made it home without terrorizing santa, vomiting on people on purpose, or throwing d cell batteries at anyone

  6. Kyle, this is what the piece says:
    “His quotes and his attitude make it seem as though he just “gets” Philly:
    “Nobody else wanted me. They did. I definitely have to take that into consideration when it’s time to make a decision. As of now I just have to focus on winning. I’m enjoying it so much I can’t even think about that [contract].” ”
    You say that his quote mean that he ‘gets Philly’, right? Doesn’t that imply that he gets the city, the fans, etc.?
    My point is that his quote was specifically about the Eagles as an organization. He’s saying that they gave him a chance when nobody else would. Heck, they tried like heck to trade him & found no takers.

  7. I see what you’re saying, but I was getting after the fact that the stuff he says and backs up makes us like him as fans.
    We’ve taken to him rather quickly, not only because of the stuff on the field, but because of some of the things he says too.

  8. The thing is, is that Vick just says what comes to mind or heart, and you get the sense that he is genuine. I NEVER got that feeling from McNabb. I always felt like he was either holding back, hiding, or trying to be the golden boy. I think this team around Vick (who also played for McNabb), feels that way, also. McNabb was too ‘diva-ish’ for us, don’t you think that’s why we never really embraced him, no matter how well he played or how many records he broke? Vick is now more like any of us than McNabb, Vick has fallen, lost it all, realized his shortcomings as a person and a player, and worked like hell to climb back to the top.

  9. It would be one heck of a story if Vick were able to somehow lead the Eagles to their first Super Bowl win.
    Almost sounds like a Disney movie . . .except for the dog stuff.
    Never thought I’d say this, but I’m happy for the guy. Hope his repentance is for real & he makes the most of his 2nd chance.

  10. The BIG thing that has ALWAYS bugged me about McNabb: Yes, football is a team sport, you win and lose as team. But when you are the QB, you have to embrace being the face of a franchise. You also have to embrace getting the blame as well as the accolades that go with being the “leader” and face of a franchise. Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, and Tom Brady are the BEST in the league because they do this. When the team played bad, they acknowledged it, BUT they also shoulder the blame for their team and were critical of THEMSELVES. McNabb’s TRUE colors showed last year after the Dallas loss when he said the Eagles’ youth showed (thus, blaming everyone else). Andy Reid has ALWAYS shouldered most if not all of the blame that McNabb deserved in post game conferences. Does, “I have to do a better job of putting our guys in situations to succeed” sound familiar. Problem is, is that this NEVER rubbed off on McNabb … this, despite whatever we dislike AR for, is what makes AR a great LEADER, and a very good coach – that he puts his neck on the line for HIS team.

  11. Michael Vick is trash. I hope his neck is broken during a game and his faggot ass is wheelchair bound shitting in a bag for the rest if his life. Him and his faggot ass brother. He didn’t learn shit, someone got shot at his birthday. You’re a faggot and a fucking idiot suburban fuck iif you don’t think he knew about it,

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