Breaking Down 4th and 1

Tim McManus does a great job of going inside the almost botched play that resulted in LeSean McCoy's touchdown.

So how did it all come to pass?

The play was actually designed by offensive line coach Juan Castillo during the week, specifically to be used against this Giants team. As hoped, the defense packed in tight to the line of scrimmage. The offensive line was able to seal the edge, allowing McCoy to spring free.

“When I saw all that grass, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me,” said McCoy. “They were beat already because their guys were boxed in, and our guys did a great job of sealing them. Any back could have ran outside there.”


A Mack truck could have gone through that hole.  Thank God Vick hung onto the snap.

Good read over at PSD.

Indeed, it is Always Shady in Philadelphia.

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