NHL players were likely never picked last for anything involving sports.  That will all change in January.

The NHL announced today that the captains of each of the two all-star teams will choose the rest of their squad.  One goalie, two defenseman, and three forwards will be voted in by fans for each conference, then the league will choose the remaining players. The All-Stars will vote on a captain, who will choose the rest of his team in a live television event on the Friday night before the All-Star Game.  We're hearing if Richard is chosen, he will try to buck the system by picking Brodeur and 19 buxom beauties, but that's not confirmed.

Imagine the politicking that will go on amongst players, and the passive agressive anger from those who are passed over.  

No one really watches this NHL All-Star Game, so this is a good way to garner interest.  It's also a hell of a lot better than playing on a Wednesday night on Versus like they did in 2007.