Why?  Because we hate cancer, and so should you.

The Flyers aren’t the only ones participating in Movember this month, they are just part of a greater cause to raise awareness for prostate cancer by rocking a sweet stache.

Our buddy Dan from Philly Phaithful was on FOX Philly this morning talking about the cause- and his beautifully thick, sweet circa 1982 porno stache.  I sat next to him at the Flyers game last night and it winked at me.

Bonus!  Steve Keeley’s old mustache makes an appearance.  He looked sort of like an I have to knock on your door when I move into the neighborhood version of Howard Eskin, if that’s even possible.  It's safe to assume Steve has had some work done over over the last few years…

Video after the jump.

Learn more about Movember at and grab the awesome "Schmidt Happens" shirt here.