Davey Lopes Will Not Return to Phillies


UPDATE: Mike Missaenelli asked Lopes if he would have stayed with the Phillies if they offered $300,000.  His response?  "Shit, yeah I would."  97.5 didn't get to the censor button quick enough.

Davey Lopes will not return as Phillies first base coach.

At first blush it may not sound like earth-shattering news (and it's not), but everyone on this team from the manager to the first baseman to the radio broadcaster has become a cult hero over the last few years.  Lopes is certainly one of those guys.  He not only coached first, but also oversaw the Phillies' baserunning, and will be sorely missed in that department.  They led the league in stealing percentage.

Lopes was offered a one year contract, but he didn't accept:  [CSNPhilly.com]

“We just had a difference of opinion on what I felt my worth was,” Lopes said by telephone. “That’s all. It was a really tough decision because I loved my time in Philadelphia, I loved working for [manager] Charlie Manuel, and I have the utmost respect for everyone in that organization.
“I got more enjoyment out of winning that World Series in 2008 than I did the one I won with the Dodgers as a player. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed my time in Philadelphia. I am really going to miss the atmosphere and the passion. The fans were great to me. I went from being a bad guy, a Dodger, to someone they really embraced. I really appreciate that.”

We wish him the best.


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  1. i don’t understand how a one-year contract would be a sticking point for the phillies… he does his job as well as anybody in the league and the phillies are going to have some young players come up in the somewhat near future, davy lopes would be the perfect first-base coach for next year and the long-term future. this is baffling.

  2. Anyone who thinks that Davey won’t be missed at first base doesn’t know the Phillies. The guy is one of the best First Base / Baserunning coaches in the league.

  3. That just sucks. The guy did a terrific job.
    Some other team is going to pick him up pretty quickly, IMO. And what’s with a 1-year offer?

  4. I think its a travesty, phils sell out every game n they can’t give him 300k.that’s b.s. the stinkin players love him, the players should fork out 5k each (they can afford it) that should make up the difff. Or start a fan campagine $1. Ea. Surley he’d get way more than he asked. … just sayin… (thx 4 lettin me vent… I’m steamed)

  5. ouch this is bad davey lopes will be missed im sure charlie isn’t happy or the players can’t like this either

  6. I am really concerned about this! Lopes was our running game! I dont know if i am over reacting, but this be the crack in the damn that leads to a “true” letdown season. Lopes=gone, Werth=Not liking our chances, Lefty in the Pen=Bastardo/Zagurski??? Hope Ruben has some tricks left!

  7. I love how Howard gets a ridiculous contract a year before he has to and now the Phillies don’t want to pay Lopes.
    I’d speculate that the real story here is that the Phillies’ baserunning was not up to par this year, so maybe they wanted to get rid of him a la Milt Thompson even though it may have not been his fault. That’s just conjecture, but does it seem so unreasonable?

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