DeSean Jackson Makes a Pitbull Analogy and Donovan McNabb is Embarrassed, Angry, Not Getting $40 Million

Our two favorite quotes from last night's game.

DeSean Jackson:

"The pregame altercation got us going. It had us ready.  We came back in the locker room pumped up. We were like pit bulls ready to get out of the cage. So I think it helped out a lot. They came into our house and put a pretty good whooping on us, so we just wanted to return that.”


So, Vick shocked them in the locker room??  I kid!  I kid!

Related: Darnell Dockett was a little less subtle with his dog reference.

Donovan McNabb:  [PSD]

“I’m embarrassed. It’s a game with everything that was kinda tied into it, the way everything just snowballed in the wrong direction, it was just an embarrassment.  At this point I’m angry.”


Speaking of McNabb, he will not be getting $40 million guaranteed, as was originally reported by ESPN.  Adam Shefter breaks it down.  Basically, McNabb is guaranteed $3.25 million, though if he suffered a career-ending injury this season, he would receive $25 million.

T.O. weighed in as well:




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  1. Whether he’s right or not, shouldn’t he be a little more concerned about the fact that his team is 2-7 and a little less concerned about McNabb?

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