DeSean Jackson’s Mom Did it Right Last Night


Yessir.  D-Jac's Mom brought it last night.  Her food looked so good, Ya Boi Tweeted a picture every.  Single.  Dish.

The yams?  On point.

And the Peach Cobbler?  Gotta have it.

Big ups to DeSean for showing us that athlete Thanksgiving looks exactly like ours!  Who knew?! Ya digg?

  • Djac_greens
  • Djac_man_cheese
  • Djac_peachcobbler
  • Djac_pie
  • Djac_stuffing
  • Djac_turkey
  • Djac_yams


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2 Responses

  1. now i see why Jackson is so thin i wouldnt eat that stuff if you paid me. the one pic looks like something with mold growing on it. I guess they dont know how to cook “soul” food in Cali.

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