Do Not Make Fun of DeSean Jackson’s Concussion

75191_eagles_redskins_footballSleep on this

For realsies.

That little pregame dust-up was all DeSean Jackson and the Eagles needed to crush the Redskins. FOX Sports' Jay Glazer reported that Redskins safety LaRon Landry taunted D-Jac about his concussion.  [Jay Glazer and Philly Sports Daily]

RT @CBSSportsNFL: Comcast also reporting what @Jay_Glazer said: DeAngelo did "pillow" gestures and said "night, night" at DeSean b4 game.

“He brought up my concussion, and said, ‘I’m going to put you asleep again,’ ” said Jackson.

Not a smart move, cuz.  You don't want to make D-Jac angry: [ESPN]

"The pregame altercation got us going. It had us ready. We came back into the locker room pumped," Jackson said. "We were like pit bulls, ready to get out of the cage."


Um, yeah, we wouldn't have gone with that analogy, but sure, go with it.

That led to this on the first play of the game.  Keep talking, LaRon.

Payback is, indeed, a bitch.  But Landry wasn't done.  [PSD]

“Landry came and spit in my face [pictured here?], and that fired us all up,” said McGlynn. “We were looking to really put the afterburners on them. It’s good to see that we came out and score 60 points, almost. We all want to play the game with all the respect in the world, but when you’re disrespectful like that. … I just think there has to be more respect for the game than that. It’s a terrible thing, and we said, ‘Let’s just keep pouring it on them.’ ”


And maybe Donovan should have just kept his mouth shut after the 'Skins beat the Eagles at the Linc.  Of course, errybody makes mistakes in they lifetime.  Donovan made his

“Donovan had said some things after they beat us that fired us up,” said McGlynn. “Saying how they made a terrible decision and everyone makes mistakes. I think we’re happy with where we are right now.”


It didn't end well for the Redskins.  More on Vick's performance shortly.

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8 Responses

  1. I love how Jackson turned and looked back before entering the endzone…he didnt gesture, just merely looked back and saw Laundry and Hall blown up and smiled…..I love that move….as anyone who competes, that feeling after you beat someone soundly who had been taunting/trash talking is possibly the best feeling in the world!
    Proud of Birds on that game, time to focus …GIANTS SUNDAY!! Lets take this division lead!

  2. Hahahaha why does everyone seem to always make dogfighting analogies around Vick?
    At some point it almost seems like they’re doing it on purpose.

  3. Bwahaha like pit bulls ready to get out of the cage??? whoopsies!!
    great night for philly sports – cheers philly fans!

  4. Someone needs to splice the following video:
    Mcnabb saying “Everyone makes mistakes”
    followed by each of his 3 INTS..

  5. Is Haynesworth still a Redskin today after that laydown on Avant’s TD? I don’t know how coaches can keep a team together after sitting through that on film and then not simply releasing him outright. No way you can maintain any semblance of respect in the locker room letting that joke continue. No way.

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