Doug Collins Has No Idea How to Fix This Mess

Right about now Doug Collins is probably regretting his career choice.  He's been plagued with post concussion symptoms, and the 2-9 Sixers' awfulness certainly can't be helping.

I look at my coaches all the time and go, "any suggestions?"


The correct response is: Yeah, blow up the whole friggin' thing and start from scratch.  But something tells me Aaron McKie won't say it.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2010-2011 Philadelphia 76ers.

Video after the jump.  If I see one comment excusing them because Andre Iguodala has missed four games… 

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11 Responses

  1. They suck and need to clean house….they HAVE sucked and HAVE needed to clean house for awhile now….nothing has changed, and nothing will with such prideful morons running the show.
    Philly lets just forget basketball for a few seasons (as we have the last 4-6yrs) and wait until they get their act together to focus on them…

  2. Yeah then after 4-6 years when they’re good you can act like you followed them from the start like most phillies and flyers fans right now.
    You’re fucking stupid if you expected success from the sixers this year. It’s pretty much letting youngguys get playing time this year and learning the NBA, then getting hopefully another decent pick to grow on.
    I’ll be watching and calling you faggots out when you hop back on their dicks in a few years. Same type of people who didn’t know shot about the phillies before 2007…

  3. My man Niggly is right, you ride/rode the short bus to school if you thought the Sixers were gonna be good this year. They are rebuilding and have some solid pieces (Turner, Jrue, Thad) if they can draft well the next 2 years (they need a big man desperately) they have the potential to be good. At least we have the Birds and Flyers playing well right now to distract us from the shit storm they are. I just continue to check the box score for the young guys and hope they could turn around in a couple years. Here’s to hoping

  4. Hahaha Niggly, another silly Philly fan.
    Never did I ever say I was going to abandon them, you are fucking retarded to think as much. I said they are an organization that has made some very poor decisions year over year for about 6/7 seasons now.
    Will they be good again?.. yes, DUH …how long will that take is anybody’s guess and has alot to do with the front office, NOT necessarily the players.
    Niggly way to read something and completely FAIL at understanding its meaning. With a name like “Niggly” its no wonder you made such asinine comments. Go suck an egg.

  5. Guys- you are completely misunderstaing the point. You are the same folks who said “hey, they played the Heat tough, they might be good!” Now you’re excusing their awfulness as rebuilding- problem is, they’ve been rebuilding for the last 7 years and 22 of the last 25. at some point you just have to get “built” ya know?
    this has nothing to do with a bandwagon- it has everything to do with anger over the fact that the team can’t get their shit together. lou will and iggy were supposed to be the future- they’re not. they are an embarrassment of an organization.

  6. It’s frustrating wanting the sixers to be good. They bring in pieces and pay outrageous salaries for guys who are not top players. Iggy and Brand aren’t 1st options on good teams. We pretty much have a team full of guys who would be between 3rd and end-of-bench options for good teams. If we’re going to suck, we should at least be WAY below the cap so we have room to sign a star when the opportunity arises. Most of the rest of the guys have potential to be pieces of a good team, but shouldn’t be the 1st option.

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