Eagles Game Bumped for Dancing with the Stars, Sort Of

Large_DESEANNot this kind of dancing

Relax, you can still watch the game.

The NFL rebroadcasts cable games on local, over-the-air channels, so fans without cable can still see their team play.  Since Monday Night Football is on ESPN, the game is usually rebroadcast on ABC in Philadelphia.  

Not this year.

Dancing with the Stars is the number one show in America, and WPVI wasn't about to pass on that ratings bonanza.  For those without cable (which I'm guessing is less than 1% of our readers), the Eagles game can be seen on MYPHL17 , with a pre-game showed produced by the Action News team.

Let's recap.  You can watch an ESPN game, with a pre-game show produced by Action News folks, on MYPHL17- all thanks to a dancing show.  Ladies and gentlemen, 2010.

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  1. While I guess it doesn’t matter, especially since I dont live in philly anymore, I still find it incredibly depressing that Dancing with the Stars is America’s number 1 show

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