Add Ashley Fox (yes, the same reporter who used the awful "Michael Vick once fought and electrocuted dogs…now, as the Eagles' starting quarterback, he is the most electric player in the National Football League" line) to the growing list of people that believe the Eagles will sit tight on offering Vick a new contract and, instead, will give him the franchise tag next season.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk and Sal Paolantonio have also gone on record saying the Eagles could franchise Vick after the season.  And why not?  With a potential lockout next season, the Eagles are hesitant to offer anybody a large contract.  Franchising Vick would pay him around $15-$16 million and guarantee he spends another year as the Eagles' quarterback.

Of course, the Reverend might have something to say about that.

H/T to reader Chris Olley for the PFT link