Horrible News: A Bears Fan Died at Yesterday’s Game

23-year-old Stewart Haverty fell from a ledge at around 4:55 p.m. yesterday at Solider Field.  He was later pronounced dead at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  [Chicago Sun Times]

A skilled climber who enjoyed scaling up the side of buildings and trees, he may have even hopped over a railing to enjoy a cigarette behind one of Soldier Field’s famous columns before he fell, friends said.

He would have had to have jumped or fallen over a three-foot-high railing on the balcony, then fallen off a ledge that appeared to be at least two feet wide before plunging down.

Sad.  Chicago Sun Times has more.


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  1. Damn this is tragic! Been to soldier field and i know exactly where this pic was taken! it is a long way down but is totally secured and would require some extra effort to get over the railing and fences….

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