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I hate to say "I told you so," but we did say that last night would be Vick's night.  Of course, no one could have predicated that.

Here's a roundup of some Vick's numbers, Eagles' records, general awesomeness etc..

150.7 Quarterback rating for Michael Vick

Quarterback in NFL history with 300-plus passing yards, 50-plus rushing yards, three-plus passing touchdowns and two-plus rushing touchdowns in the first half

6 Touchdowns for Vick

69.4 Quarterback rating for Donovan McNabb

More crazy numbers from Philly Sports Daily.

Steve Young:

"One of the most defining games at quarterback I've ever seen."


Jeff McLane of the Inquirer:

 That was Madden' 06 Vick out there. When he hit the brakes + tossed that pass to Avant in the back of end zone, jaws dropped in the press box.


We're going to have to go ahead and disagree with McLane on the year.  Madden '04 was Vick's cover year and the game in which he was dominant, thanks to offensive playmaker controls.  If you remember, '05 implemented Defensive Playmaker to combat 04's advancements.  '06 added the annoying vision cone, which made it impossible to play as anyone other than Peyton Manning.  But hey, we're just pickin' nit.  Vick was video game good.

The Daily News' somewhat insensitive headline:

Thanks to (@estembomb) for the pic.

Zoo With Roy's dramatic re-enactment of the game.

D-Jac was excited before going to sleep:

And perhaps our favorite comes from reader Matt.  A screenshot comparing Vick's and McNabb's first quarter stats.  $78 million, heh.