It’s Arrived: Bob Says Nyet T-Shirt


I've received a ton of inquiries as to when we'll have a shirt for the Flyers' rookie goaltender, so I checked in with our boys at Philly Phaithful to make sure they were on it.

They were.

And now we have it.  

BOB Says Nyet the t-shirt (also available in hoodie), because in Soviet Russia, Nyet! means No! 

So, should you buy any other cheap BOB imitation t-shirt?  Nyet!  Get the real deal right here. Click the link, scream Nyet! everytime BOB makes a save, and tell people you're fluent in two languages.  Do it.


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  1. james I feel so bad for you that you clearly have nothing better to do with your life then read and comment on a blog you clearly don’t like.

  2. Yo James, why the gay-bashing haterade? Typically, it’s the people who use the angry homophobic remarks who end up being closeted, soo….. start the “James comes out of the closet” clock… NOW! 😉
    Just sayin.

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